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achieving educational excellence with the "one ite system, three colleges" education model

In line with ITE’s efforts to align itself with the evolving changes in education and the completion of ITE’s first purpose-built College at Simei, ITE launched its “One ITE System, Three Colleges” education model on 1 January 2005.

By building on the strengths of the ITE brand name and identity, which have been established over the years, ITE continues to deliver consistent standards, quality programmes and successful graduates under this new model which sees ITE Headquarters continuing to handle key policy issues, academic standards and quality assurance under the “One ITE System”, while the former East and West Networks and the Regional Campus at Simei will be further enhanced and renamed as:

  • ITE College East (Regional Campus at Simei)
  • ITE College Central (for campuses under the former ITE East Network)
  • ITE College West (for campuses under former ITE West Network)

Apart from encouraging innovation, diversification and competition, the new model will also provide the three Colleges with greater autonomy and flexibility in running its operations according to their own strategic directions in line with ITE’s Mission, Vision and Values. In addition to offering ITE’s trademark core courses in Applied & Health Sciences, Business & Services, Design and Media, Engineering, Electronics and Info-Comm Technology and Hospitality, the three Colleges will also differentiate themselves by identifying their own niche areas and core competencies – Aerospace & Marine Technology, Business, Community & Event Services, Creative Design & Interactive Media and Engineering Design & Manufacturing Technology for ITE College Central; Beauty & Wellness, Business & Entrepreneurship, Chemical & Life Sciences and Healthcare Services for ITE College East; and Culinary & Hospitality Services, Land Transport, Service Innovation and Security Technology for ITE College West – for development.


Nurturing a New Generation of Well-Rounded “Hands-On, Minds-On and Hearts-On” ITE Graduates for a Global Economy

Under this Education Model, students can look forward to the unique ITE Brand of College Education which will develop them into “Hands-on, Minds-on and Hearts-on” graduates who are ready to take on challenges of the Real World.

With the ITE Brand of College Education, students will acquire knowledge and skills to become independent-thinking and flexible practitioners, with a passion for lifelong learning and values as caring and gracious Singaporeans.

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Last updated on 08 Oct 2010