Steps to Check Your Application Results and Accept Course Offer

Please follow the steps below to check your application results and accept course offer:

Step 1: Click on the 'Check Application Results / Accept Course Offer' icon below.

Step 2: Login with your User ID and Password. The login User ID and Password was provided to you in the verification slip upon completion of your application. If you have forgotten your password, you can contact any of the ITE Colleges for assistance.

Step 3: Click 'Self-Service' > Click 'Student Admission' > Click 'View Application Results' to view your application results.

Step 4: If you are offered a course and would like to accept the course offer, you are required to verify / provide your personal particulars and health declaration before you can accept the course offer. Please get ready the information as given in the table below before you proceed to accept the course offer. You may save the information entered by clicking the 'Save As Draft' button at any time, exit the panel and resume later. If you do not provide the necessary information and complete the course acceptance process, you will be deemed to have forfeited the offer of a training place in the course.

Information Required to Complete the Acceptance Process

Parent(s) / guardian particulars (if you are not staying with your parent(s), please provide your guardian's particulars)

Fields required are:
1) Name
3) Citizenship
4) Contact No.
5) Email (optional)

No. of family members in your household (including yourself)
Total gross household monthly income
In Singapore dollars and round off to the nearest hundred
Details of personal particulars
Birth Country, Marital Status, Religion, House Type
Details of personal health condition


Check Application Results / Accept Course Offer