Important Dates to Note

Please click on this link for the important dates to note:

  • Subscription to receive module results via SMS
  • Release date of module results
  • Closing date for application of review of module results
  • Collection of certificates / academic transcripts

Viewing Your Module Results

When your module results are released, you can view your results in the following ways: 

  • By logging in to the ITE myPortal site
    • Full-time: myPortal → myExam
    • Part-time: myPortal → iStudent → Exam
    • Traineeship: myPortal → iStudent → myExam 
  • By receiving an SMS if you subscribe to the notification service before the release date (to subscribe, log into ITE myPortal → iStudent/myFinance → Student Center → SMS Subscription). Your results will be sent to the handphone number you provide in the SMS service subscription page.

Certificate, Academic Transcript & Statement of Results

After receiving your module results through the portal or by SMS, you will also be issued with a Statement of Results (SOR). The SOR will show the grades and credits earned in all the modules that you have taken, together with your Grade Point Average (GPA).

If you have successfully completed your course, you will be provided with the date for the collection of your certificate and academic transcript. Certificates and academic transcript can be collected at the specified ITE Graduation Ceremony. 

If you are unable to attend the Graduation Ceremony, you can collect the certificate and academic transcript from the ITE Customer Service & Visitor Centre of the College you studied at, during office hours.

Certificates not collected within 1 year from the date of issue will be destroyed and will not be re-issued.

Review of Module Results

You may request to review your module results, if you have reasons to believe that the module grade awarded for a particular module should have been better.

Request should be submitted with a deposit payment of $20 per module at the ITE Customer Service & Visitor Centre of the College you studied at during office hours, before the closing date.


You will be informed in writing of ITE's decision on the review of the module results. If the review leads to a change in grade, your deposit will be refunded. ITE’s decision on the review is final.

If you have failed a module, you will be required to repeat the module.