Congratulations Class of Mar 2020!

P_GC Page

Dear Graduates,

My heartiest congratulations to all.  We are very happy to share in the excitement of your graduation day.

2020 is not the year that anyone expected, and the world is going through some unprecedented challenges with a COVID-19 pandemic right now.  However, do not lose heart.  Remember, the journey of life brings both challenges and opportunities.  As you go forth in your respective spheres of endeavour, it is important to build on the foundations that you have laid in ITE.  The varied and in-depth skill sets and knowledge that you have acquired here would have prepared you with the technical competence and confidence to give you a good head start, when you enter the job market in these turbulent times.

As you brave the uncertainties and challenges ahead, you must continue your learning journey to deepen your skills and competencies.  It is also important to remain digitally agile, so that you stay relevant in an exceedingly competitive and dynamic work environment and make the most of opportunities when the upturn comes.

Lastly, I also hope that as beneficiaries of an excellent holistic education that you have received at ITE, you will keep in touch with us,   whether you are planning to seek employment, pursue further studies or enter National Service.  We will always be happy to see you again.

Graduation is an exciting time; it marks both an ending and a beginning. You are starting a new chapter in life and will have a new story to write.  Make it a good one!

Best wishes for your next adventure!

Dr Yek Tiew Ming