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Course Duration

360 hours

Type of course

Train and Place

Campus where course is offered

ITE College East

Course Certification

SGUnited Skills (SGUS)

The course provides participants with knowledge and skillsets to perform and track daily warehouse operations (inbound, outbound, checking and returning of goods) using WMS system, picking and packing of materials, assist in stock taking and replenishment, handle import and export documentation using freight management system, operate forklift to load and unload stocks in the warehouse and comply to workplace health and safety.

Course Outline

1. Warehousing Operations
This module provides knowledge and skills to perform and track daily warehouse operations including inbound and outbound activities, conducting stock checks, documenting warehouse transactions and records and storing of inventory.

2. Import & Export Documentations
This module provides knowledge and skill to provide air, land and sea freight logistic support, arrange multi-modal transportation of goods, process documentation, prepare shipping documentation and track goods movement.  

3. Forklift Driving
This module provides knowledge and skills to operate a forklift to move materials/goods, assess load associated with relocation, inspect forklift condition, carry out forklift operations, reinstate and handover forklift, check goods and complete documentation and adhere to Workplace Safety and Health Act. Participants will be awarded forklift licence if pass all requirements according to industry guidelines!

What you'll learn

  • Warehousing Operations
  • Import & Export Documentations
  • Forklift Driving

Entry Requirements

Advisory Note to Programme Enrolment

It is preferred that applicants for the SGUS programmes possess basic literacy and numeracy skills.