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Course Duration

380 hours

Type of course

Train and Place

Campus where course is offered

ITE College Central

Course Certification

SGUnited Skills (SGUS)

The course provides participants with knowledge and skillsets to troubleshoot basic robot issues, optimise basic robot functions, maintain uptime performance, interpret robot’s performance data and maintenance schedules. Course participants will also learn to interpret simple electrical schematic and mechanical design diagrams, as well as acquire skillsets to program and maintain AGV (automated guided vehicle). 

Course Outline

1. CoC in Practical Robotics

  • Provides basic knowledge of teaching and programing of industrial robots.
  • Perform material handling applications by interfacing with external input and output devices.

2. Engineering Drawings and Inspection Techniques

  • To interpret technical drawings and perform dimensional inspections for the machined components in accordance with ISO standards.

3. AGV programming 

  • Provides the knowledge of localisation, mapping and obstacles avoidance to perform navigation on mobile robotics platform.

4. Project

  • To apply the knowledge learned to plan and demonstrate the operation of an Automated Guided Vehicles.
  • To serve the various stations in the production line, based on the scenario given in a manufacturing environment.

What you'll learn

  • CoC in Practical Robotics
  • Engineering Drawings and Inspection Techniques
  • AGV programming
  • Project

Entry Requirements

Advisory Note to Programme Enrolment

It is preferred that applicants for the SGUS programmes possess basic literacy and numeracy skills.