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Course Duration

361 hours

Type of course

Train and Place

Campus where course is offered

ITE College Central ITE College East

Course Certification

SGUnited Skills (SGUS)

The course will be conducted fully either in ITE College Central or ITE College East. We will inform you at the course briefing.

The course provides participants with knowledge and skillsets to create online portfolio, execute social media marketing strategies, handle e-commerce activities and expose to the technology that transform the retail marketing landscape. 

Course Outline

1. Retail Promotion and eMarketing 

• Engage in the promotion of goods and services and be aware of the extent technology is transforming retail promotion and marketing landscape.

2. Social Media Marketing 

• Apply online media tools to execute the organisation’s social media marketing strategies.

3. Digital Commerce and Marketing 

• Perform market research and plan, execute and evaluate a digital marketing strategy.

4. CoC in Flexipreneur for a Gig Economy: Create Your Online Portfolio 

• Participants will be equipped with skills and knowledge to be a freelancer in a gig economy.

• Participants will learn to create an online personal portfolio as a flexipreneur

5. CoC in Brand Positioning: Create Your Brand Personality to Drive Sales 

• Participants should be able to build effective corporate product/service branding through an online presence to entice and engage target audience.

6. CoC in Creating Digital Retail Touchpoints (Gamification) 

• Participants should be able to set up a digital retail marketing touchpoint to engage the millennial shopper

What you'll learn

  • CoC in Brand Positioning: Create your Brand Personality to Drive Sales 
  • CoC In Creating Digital Retail Touchpoints (Gamification) 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Retail Promotion and eMarketing  
  • Digital Commerce and Marketing 
  • CoC in Flexipreneur for a Gig Economy: Create Your Online Portfolio

Entry Requirements

Advisory Note to Programme Enrolment

It is preferred that applicants for the SGUS programmes possess basic literacy and numeracy skills.