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Course Duration

2 years

Type of course


Campus where course is offered

ITE College Central ITE College East ITE College West

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Gain strong foundation and essential skills in electronics, computer networking and communication system to have a good head start in your career in numerous sectors.

Apply for this course to learn how to install, test, maintain and service computer networking and communication system. As a skilled specialist, you will support a broad range of applications in intelligent automation as well as remote control and monitoring of systems. You will be equipped with a strong foundation in electronics, which will prepare you for emerging industries in areas such as the Internet of Things (IoT), communication systems and green energy applications.

What you'll learn

  • Install, test, maintain and service electronic devices/systems
  • Set up and test wired and wireless computer networking systems
  • Write program to interface electronic devices (sensors and actuators) to controller
  • Test and maintain analogue, digital and optical communication systems

Entry Requirements

GCE ‘O’ level grades in any 2 subjects:

  • Grade 1-8


GCE ‘N’ level passes in Mathematics or Science* and 2 other subjects:

  • Grade A-D or Grade 1-5

* Mobile Robotics and Smart Electrical Technology subjects can be used in lieu of Science for admission to this Nitec course.


  • Applicants for this course must ensure that they are free from colour appreciation deficiency.
  • Students will be required to purchase a Laptop which will cost between $1,000 and $1,400, for their 2-year course of study. This is in addition to the course fees. Financial assistance for the purchase of the PC is available for eligible students under ITE Opportunity Fund subject to terms and conditions. For more details on the specifications for the device, please click here.

Occupation Traits and Functional Ability Requirements

Nature of Work Functional Abilities
Electronics Technicians check, test, service and maintain common electronic equipment and set up communication networks. They also construct and prototype simple electronic projects to given specifications.  
In responding to requests for maintenance and repair services, electronic technicians must listen to instructions and at times, need to clarify requests to better understand the nature of the requests. They have to maintain the equipment and/or diagnose the faults using technical manuals, appropriate tools and testing equipment and to decide the best approach to facilitate successful outcomes. communication skills, interpersonal skills, finger dexterity, physical mobility, sensory (visual, hearing) ability
Electronic technicians normally work in premises of their organisations. Those who work for third-party support companies may often need to commute and spend considerable time working at a client's locations. communication skills, interaction with strangers, sensory (visual, hearing) ability, finger dexterity, physical mobility, dealing with non-routine schedules

This course is less suitable for students who do not possess the functional abilities indicated.  If in doubt, please consult your school career guidance officer or visit ITE College for further academic advising.

Progression Opportunities

Nitec in Electronics, Computer Networking & Communications graduates with a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 may apply for progression to the following Work-Study Diploma courses at ITE:

Nitec in Electronics, Computer Networking & Communications graduates with a GPA of 3.5 and above may apply for progression to the first year of a related diploma course at the Polytechnics. For more details on diploma courses for progression, please refer to the Joint Polytechnic Admissions website.

Nitec in Electronics, Computer Networking & Communications graduates with a GPA of 3.0 and above together with 2 years of relevant work experience may apply for progression to a related Technical Engineer Diploma course at ITE.

Nitecin Electronics, Computer Networking & Communications graduates with a GPA of 2.3 and above may also apply for progression to related Higher Nitec courses offered by ITE. For more information on progression, please click here.

Career Opportunities

Nitec in Electronics, Computer Networking & Communications graduates are employed by organizations and companies that manufacture electronic and computer equipment. Some of the job titles held by graduates include Electronics Technician, Electronics Production Technician, Communication Equipment Technician, Test and Measurement Technician, Engineering Assistant and Electronics Specialist.

There are excellent opportunities for career advancement to supervisory positions and beyond.