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9 hours

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Short Courses

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ITE College Central

Through Augmented Reality (AR) Technology, these customers’ experiences are now made possible.  Without the need to have any prior programming knowledge, you will learn the nuts and bolts and how AR can help your company stand out from the competitive retail landscape, drive customer engagement and increase your company’s bottom line. The course will end off with a hands-on project to create an AR marketing prototype.

SkillsFuture Course Reference Number:  CBS72

Mode of Training:  Classroom

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What you'll learn

  • State the key concepts of Augmented Reality (AR) and explain the fundamentals of how it works
  • Describe the applications of AR in a different sales environment. (i.e. In-Store & Online)
  • Appreciate how AR can help promote products and increase the purchase rate.
  • Experience AR as an end user using mobile devices.
  • Characteristics and components (Hardware & Software) of AR systems.
  • Set up an online AR system.
  • Create AR content for marketing.
  • Deploy AR applications on smart devices
  • Explain the limitation and trends of AR in Sales and Marketing.
  • Project - Create an AR marketing promotion prototype for a product that contains
    • A 3D product model
    • A product description
    • A marketing promotion message
    • Devise a working AR experience with the use of a mobile device