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Course Duration

20 hours

Type of course

Short Courses

Campus where course is offered

ITE College Central

Although communicating effectively in English can be daunting if it is not your mother-tougue,  you will be able to master it after attending this course.  You will learn basic telephone techniques, key interpersonal communication skills, dealing with job interviews, providing constructive feedback and other verbal communication skills to succeed in a job.

Fee for this course can be paid using SkillsFuture Credits. Visit for more information.

SkillsFuture Course Reference Number: TGS-2018507540

Mode of Training:  Classroom

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What you'll learn

  • Introducing yourself and others in the workplace 
  • Conveying Messages and Instructions 
  • Telephone Techniques – Do’s and Don’ts 
  • Making enquiries and appointments over the phone 
  • Taking telephone messages 
  • Enter appointments into a Diary/Appointment Book 
  • Reading and understanding advertisements for jobs 
  • Comparing the present with the past 
  • Completing a job application form 
  • Correctly apply ‘for’ and ‘until’ in the context of the time 
  • Handling a job interview 
  • Describing yourself and your achievements 
  • Asking questions about a job 
  • Giving a job description 
  • Following Verbal Orders, Rules, and Regulations 
  • Reading Notices and Safety Signs 
  • Indicating Failure to Understand Instructions 
  • Handling Problem Situations 
  • Offering Suggestions 
  • Letters, emails, and memorandums 
  • Following Written Instructions 
  • Describing a job process 
  • Explaining a sequence of actions in an activity