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12 hours

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Short Courses

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ITE College West
Internet of Things (IoT) enables the linking of any physical device with an on/off switch to the internet and other connected devices.  This includes everything from your cellphone or coffee maker to the washer and many others home appliances.  Come join in the exciting world of IoT which is impacting our daily lives in a significant way.  You will learn to connect objects using Thingbox, a free and open-source set of softwares, to code and create programs.

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What you'll learn

  • Concept of the internet of things (IoT)
  • Technologies that make up IoT.
  • Setup and connect an IoT device to the internet
  • Common peripherals used for IoT
  • Access the programming UI for the IoT device
  • Enable sensor functionality and record data
  • Process the data recorded in the cloud
  • Display the collected data on an end-user device