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4 hours

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Short Courses

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Being a catalyst for change comes with the responsibility of ensuring the world is prepared for the technological transformations we help usher in. This has never been truer than it is for Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI can learn from experience, without explicit programming, to perform cognitive functions associated with the human mind. It is an overarching discipline - a form of intelligence, technology, and field of study. AI is treated as new electricity by experts worldwide. AI can impact industries and workforces in profound ways, even as it unlocks enormous economic potential. This online course plans to build awareness and appreciate AI for the general public and community.

Mode of Training: Online

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What you'll learn


• AI Awareness: Build an elementary understanding of AI, misconceptions around AI, and its application potentials.

• AI Appreciation: Get introductory knowledge of the common domains of AI and its related issues, and start building personal learning plans.

▪ Delivery: Government partners can offer the program through two digital badges, totalling a 4-hour self-learning journey to the public, as part of their national AI awareness campaigns or targeted outreach efforts.

▪ Two badges to gain: AI Aware and AI Appreciate. Dual badging to indicate different levels of basic AI understanding. Personalized badge awarded after successful completion of quiz at the end of each track. Badges can be shareable & printable.

• AI Aware: This track introduces the participant to AI and helps them realize that AI mimics Human intelligence. After going through this stage, the participant will be able to:

-          Describe what AI is and appreciate what it can do.

-          Become aware of present-day applications of AI.

-          Debunk some common misconceptions around it.

• AI Appreciate:  This track helps to understand the possibilities, concerns, and ethics of Artificial Intelligence. Along with understanding these key concepts, the participants will be able to:

-          Understand the key domains of AI.

-          Impact of AI across various industries.

-          Get started with a personal plan to explore AI.