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7 hours

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Campus where course is offered

ITE Headquarters

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Are you an OJT instructor in your workplace? This course will help you gain in-depth knowledge and skills in working with various learning and behavioural styles.  Learn the best practices in coaching through the 5-Step Coaching Process to deliver structured On-the-Job Training (S-OJT) and how to motivate, encourage and build confidence in learners during the coaching process to maximise learners’ learning capability. Most importantly, you will learn to give reviews and constructive feedback on your learners’ performance.

What you'll learn

  • Understand the S-OJT framework
  • Understand the characteristics of adult learners
  • Apply techniques to motivate adult learners
  • Apply the 5-Step Coaching Technique
  • Coach learners with various learning and behavioural styles to achieve better performance
  • Appraise and document learners’ performance

Entry Requirements

Participants should be able to read and communicate in basic English to benefit from the workshop.

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