Apply for SFDW

Master the knowledge and skills to use mobile devices and other tech devices to stay connected, improve productivity and enhance your personal and professional life.

LearnerFeesSkillsFuture CreditUnion Training Assistance3 (UTAP)
Public (after SSG Funding)1 $50 
NTUC Union Member (SC/PR) after SSG and NETF Funding2
Non-Singaporean/Permanent Resident  (non-SC/PR) $749 

1Full attendance is compulsory for SSG and NETF funding. Please note SSG funding is provided once only per learner regardless of the versions of courses attended.
2Applicant is required to complete the NTUC Member Declaration form to enjoy the NETF Funding. Full attendance is compulsory for SSG and NETF funding
3NTUC union members who are non-SC/PR can tap on the Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) to offset up to $250 from the full fee of $749.