The Train the Trainer (TTT) programme, mainly Prepare and Conduct Coaching (PCC), Deliver and Facilitate Learning (DFL) and Design & Develop OJT Programme (DDOP), will lead to a Industry Trainer Certificate (ITC). The ITC is conferred to Industry Trainers who have successfully attained the 3 TTT modules of DDOP, PCC and DFL, and have shown proof of making use of the training to develop training programmes for their companies. The ITC-Awardees are recognised as Industry Trainers of high calibre, who are able to individually develop and implement training systems in a holistic and integrated manner for their companies.

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Application Procedure


You must satisfy ALL 4 requirements to apply for the Industry Trainer Certificate (ITC):

  • Possess minimum Nitec (NTC-2) or equivalent qualification;
  • Passed all 3 modules: Prepare & Conduct Coaching, Deliver & Facilitate Learning and Design & Develop OJT Programme. These modules must be taken within the last 6 years;
  • Possess minimum 6 months of post-training experience after the completion of the 3 modules; and
  • Possess at least 3 years of relevant working experience.

Next Interview Date

The next interview is on Thursday, 20 Aug 2020.
Application for Aug 2020 interview will be closed on Thursday, 7 Jul 2020
For more information, visit ITC Application Procedure.

ITC Exemptions

The details of the ACTA v5 modules recognised for TTT module exemption are listed below:

ACTA v5 Modules

Recognised Exemption for TTT Module

Additional TTT Modules Required to be Completed

Holders of the following modules:

  • M1 Apply Adult Learning Principles in Training;
  • M2 Design a Learning Experience; and
  • M3 Prepare and Facilitate a Learning Experience

Deliver & Facilitate Learning

  • Prepare & Conduct Coaching; and
  • Design & Develop OJT Programme

(*Eligible candidates have to attend an interview in which they will be further assessed for the award of the ITC.)

If eligible, applicants will be required to attend a 15-minutes interview and be assessed on their ability to explain how they coach / instruct / conduct OJT for their trainees during the interview.

Fee Payable

  • A non-refundable fee of $50.00 (inclusive of GST) is payable for the application of the Industry Trainer Certificate.
  • Application will be evaluated for eligibility based on the fully completed form and documentary evidences. Incomplete forms will not be processed and application fee will be forfeited.