From March 2019 onwards, ITE Higher Nitec and Nitec graduates will receive a digital certificate secured by Blockchain Technology which can be viewed, checked and verified on the OpenCerts platform developed by GovTech Singapore.


  • Share qualification credentials to potential employers and educational institutions that negate the need for verification.
  • Common platform removing the hassle of moving in between different platforms when verifying certificates.
  • Accessed anytime and anywhere

Step-by-step Guide for ITE Graduates

Step 1

You can use your ITE email address for life. The email address is your name followed by E.g.

Step 2

Verify the certificate by dropping OpenCerts file on the OpenCerts website. Link to OpenCerts site (use Chrome Browser):

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is OpenCerts Blockchain platform?
    OpenCerts is the umbrella trademark and the platform is backed by the Ethereum blockchain technology to generate crytographic protections for educational credentials issued by legitimate institutions. ITE is one of the legitimate issuing institutions on the OpenCerts platform.

  2. I graduated in March 2019. What is my ITE email address?
    The email address is your name followed by E.g.

  3. Can I rename my OpenCerts file?
    You may rename your OpenCerts file but you must retain the file extension (.opencert).

  4. Can I use any internet browser to view the OpenCerts website?
    The OpenCerts website is best viewed using Chrome Browser.

Please use Chrome to watch the video guide below:

Verifying Your ITE Digital Certificate