Message by Minister Ong Ye Kung

Message by CEO


Dear Graduands,

I am heartened that you have successfully completed this chapter of your education in ITE. Congratulations on reaching this milestone!

In light of COVID-19 safety measures, we had to cancel the Graduation Ceremonies for the well-being of everyone. We understand that you may be disappointed with the decision but even without a physical ceremony, your accomplishments are no less important to us. In ITE, you have gained new skills, developed your talents and grown as an individual. We are extremely proud of your achievements. You are now technically competent and have the credentials to go far in building your career and future.

Some of you will be pursuing higher education while others will be entering the workforce. Either way, you must be mentally prepared to be agile and adapt to a world fraught with disruptions and changes. Be ready to continue learning and pick up new skills. My colleagues and I are glad to have played a part in your learning journey and we want to continue this partnership. ITE’s doors are always open to you for upgrading and networking opportunities.

For you, the Class of 2020, we are offering each of you two free CET (Continuing Education & Training) courses. You can choose from a suite of CoC (Certificate of Competency) and CoA (Certificate of Achievement) courses. You may also consider the SGUnited Traineeship Programme launched by the Government, to kick-start your career and gain relevant work experience as trainees. There could also be emerging jobs such as the Digital Ambassador which would leverage on your strong digital skills as well as provide you good work experience.   

In the months ahead, seize opportunities to gain useful work-related experiences and diversify your skills. Our ITE graduates are resilient and I am confident you will rise to the challenge.

Finally, whatever your future plans may be, I wish you success in achieving your goals and dreams. Continue to stay in touch as alumni. The ITE Family is always behind you.

Congratulations once again.  Stay safe, stay strong!

Ms Low Khah Gek
Chief Executive Officer
Institute of Technical Education

Message by Principal, ITE College Central

cc principal

Dear Graduands,

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate you on your graduation. It is through your commitment and determination to grow and deepen your skills, that you have made it this far. I am proud of your achievements and accomplishments! I am also sure you have experienced exceptional moments and created fond memories over these two years in ITE.

The world is in constant change. The current COVID-19 situation has taught us the importance of empathy, resilience and adaptability. As you go forth from here, be confident of the skills you have developed, continue to stay relevant and be open to learn, re-learn and unlearn. Opportunities will arise after this crisis, so be alert to capitalise upon these. 

At ITE, Work-Study Diploma programmes and other Continuing Education & Training (CET) courses are here to help you upskill. Make life-long learning a commitment and strive to be versatile by building up your skill sets and knowledge in diverse areas.

Graduation marks the start of a new journey for you. As with every journey, you will encounter challenges or meet cross-roads along the way. Persevere, face them with compassion and courage, and you will emerge stronger. I wish you every success in your future pursuits!

Mr Suresh Natarajan
ITE College Central

Message by Principal, ITE College East

ce principal

Dear Graduands,

My heartiest congratulations to all of you.  We are very happy to share your moments of joy.

2020 is not a year we could have anticipated.  The world is going through some unprecedented challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, do not lose heart. Remember, the journey of life brings both challenges and opportunities.  As you go forth in your respective spheres of endeavour, it is important to build on the foundation that you have obtained in ITE. The varied and in-depth skill sets and knowledge that you have acquired would have prepared you with the technical competence and confidence, as you enter the job market in turbulent times.

As you brave the uncertainties and challenges ahead, you must continue your learning journey to deepen your skills and competencies.  It is also important to remain digitally agile, so as to stay relevant in an exceedingly competitive and dynamic work environment, and make the most of opportunities when the upturn comes.

Lastly, I also hope that you will keep in touch with us, whether you are planning to seek employment, pursue further studies or enter National Service. We will always be happy to see you again.

Graduation is an exciting time - it marks both an ending and a beginning. You are starting a new chapter in life and will have a new story to write.  Make it a good one!  Best wishes for your next adventure!

Dr Yek Tiew Ming
ITE College East

Message by Principal, ITE College West 

cw principal

Dear Class of 2020

My heartiest congratulations on your graduation! Your course completion and achievements are the result of your hard work and strong commitment. Today, you stand at the gateway to a terabyte of exciting opportunities and possibilities!

With the COVID-19 outbreak, this year marks a major turning point for many. But whether you are entering the job market or pursuing further studies, I believe you have the resilience and maturity to pick yourself up and move forward. Take pride in how far you have come and PACE yourself as you login to the future of new beginnings.

Push beyond physical boundaries into the digital and virtual world! Your classroom learning, retail shopping and even favourite concerts have all gone virtual. AI-powered “doctors” are now giving us medical advice. Robots and drones have replaced some jobs. It is thus time to embrace digitalisation and new technologies as these are transforming the way we live and work.

Adapt to constant change. Already, we are seeing people around the world losing jobs. The road ahead might not be easy but remember to be minds-on in applying your ITE-acquired skills, to create solutions and services that the world needs. Always be innovative and enterprising. You will rise above the rest!

Connect with the world as a 21st Century graduate. Make good use of the communication, collaboration and cross-cultural skills you have cultivated, to go further as your job or studies may bring you across the globe, in partnership with diverse teams. Continue to be hearts-on and care for the community, as well as the society at large, contributing to Singapore and beyond.

Enrich yourself continually. Learn new skills to stay relevant and, in so doing, increase your bandwidth to take on new opportunities. Life is a journey - each experience, challenge and setback brings you closer to success. 

Here’s wishing you all the best as you boot-up your future!

Yours Virtually

Ms Alice Seow 
ITE College West