Pearl Lynn Woon Zeng Yu

Nitecin Services – Business Services

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Advancing with Skills


Having spent almost a decade in the Retail sector - as a part-timer selling clothes while she took her ‘N’ and ‘O’ Levels and in her current position as a Sales Associate at Watch it! Pte Ltd - 26-year-old Pearl Lynn Woon Zeng Yu has had her fair share of handling difficult customers. Even though she was earning her keep, she discovered that career progression was slow in the face of rising inflation. She attributed this realisation to maturity and wanted to obtain formal qualifications related to her work.


In 2018, Pearl took a leap of faith and decided to upgrade her skills with Nitec in Services – Business Services. In the course, she learnt more about accounting, delivering good customer service, events planning, keeping track of inventory and managing suppliers. Supported by her family, supervisor and ITE lecturers, Pearl excelled in her course and was able to apply what she learnt directly at her workplace. This eager learner is not about to stop upgrading. With a newfound interest in supply chain and logistics, she plans to further her studies in part-time mode up to degree level and work in the shipping or transportation industry in future.


Discipline is Key


“There are no hard and fast rules that guarantee success. In my case, it helps to be disciplined. Once I get home after class, I make it a point to finish my assignments. Once you put off what you need to do, you’ll lose the momentum. You must have the drive to complete individual work.


For group work, it is tough as we have to accommodate each other’s work schedules and balance personal commitments. Even though we met with challenges, I’m glad we managed to pull through together and graduate! Our lecturers were very helpful. They explained the concepts clearly so that we could grasp them well.”


After ITE


An advocate of continuous learning, Pearl is currently pursuing a part-time Diploma in Business Practice (International Supply Chain Management) at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.


Top Achievements 

  • Pearl attained the Silver Course Medal in her Nitec in Services - Business Services course.
  • She also achieved the Certificate of Merit and graduated with a perfect Grade Point Average of 4.0.
  • She is a role model in class. Her project work and assignments demonstrated that she is well versed in all her course modules.




Stanley Ong Weiqin

Higher Nitec in Technology – Electrical Engineering 

ITE College West


Lifelong Learning for Lifelong Success


A graduate from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Environments, Stanley started out as a Project Engineer managing oil and gas pipeline insulation works, before joining an environmental services company as a Senior Operations Engineer. Keen to pursue a career with greater autonomy, he established his own electrical services company in 2018. As Director, Stanley primarily handles business development and project management functions while entrusting technical work to his staff.


A year into his business, a family friend who runs an electrical business convinced Stanley on the importance of having technical expertise in his line of work. To bridge his knowledge gap, Stanley enrolled in a part-time Electrical Engineering course at ITE. He quickly gained practical insights and skills in areas such as electrical design and installation, intelligent building systems, and codes of practice. These enabled him to adopt a more hands-on approach in project management, and streamline work processes for greater efficiency. Inspired by his rewarding experience at ITE, Stanley has gained a deeper passion for lifelong learning.


Faith and Perseverance


“Before I enrolled in ITE, I was pursuing a part-time Master’s degree in Analytics. When I told others about my decision to switch to the Higher Nitec course, I could sense their scepticism. However, that did not affect me. I believe it’s important to focus on achieving our desired goals, and not to worry about others’ opinions. Thankfully, my wife was very supportive as she understood the importance of the ITE course to my career.


It wasn’t easy juggling work and study. I attended classes four times a week. By the time I got home, it would be late at night. I sacrificed a lot of family time but it was all worth it. I gained a lot from this course. It was inspiring to meet classmates from diverse backgrounds, all motivated by a common goal of improving themselves. They reinforced my belief that it’s important to have a growth mindset, to be curious, and keep learning.”


After ITE


Stanley plans to pursue a part-time diploma in Electrical Engineering. He is also keen on taking up technical courses, which could empower him to expand his business, from providing electrical services to delivering Mechanical and Electrical services collectively.


Top Achievements 

  • For his strong academic excellence, Stanley was awarded the Gold Course Medal for Higher Nitec in Technology – Electrical Engineering course.
  • Being one of the top performers of his course, he obtained the Certificate of Merit upon graduation.
  • Diligent and motivated, Stanley graduated with a perfect Grade Point Average score of 4.0.



Robin Teoh Yan Quan

Higher Nitec in Mechatronics Engineering

ITE College West


Engineering Enthusiast


Fixing faulty electronic appliances, designing autonomous vehicle and assembling robots – these are some of the talents Robin Teoh Yan Quan is gifted in. Robin’s fascination in engineering and robotics served as a strong motivating factor for him to participate in various competitions. One of his most memorable experience was competing at ‘Solidworks Design Challenge 2020’, when his design of a 3D toy model won him a Grand Prize.


Beyond the classroom, Robin shone as a leader. As the President of Automation and Robotics Club, he led the members in planning and participating in a series of robotics-related competitions and team bonding activities for new and existing members. A diligent student, he was selected as a Student Mentor to tutor students who required assistance in their studies.


With a deep passion in engineering, Robin always strives to improve himself in a holistic manner, so that he is well equipped to tackle any future challenges.


Thrill of Learning


The knowledge and skills that I have gained from the Mechatronics Engineering course empowered me to create something useful. The thrill of designing, constructing and fabricating a machine, or simply, to make something work, continually sparks my interest in the engineering field. I enjoy learning at ITE, as my lecturers and peers have constantly supported and guided me through my course of study. It is an exciting and rewarding journey at ITE.”


After ITE


Robin’s excellent scores earned him a direct entry into the second year in the Diploma in Mechatronics and Robotics at Singapore Polytechnic. After obtaining a diploma, he plans to further his engineering studies in a university. He aspires to be a Mechatronics Engineer.


Top Achievements 

  • Robin excelled academically, achieving a perfect Grade Point Average score of 4.0. He received the Certificate of Merit and a Gold Course Medal. He was on the College Director’s List in 2019 and 2020.
  • For his exemplary conduct and service contributions, Robin was presented with Gold Service Star Award (2020) by his College.
  • For developing an amenities dispensing machine for the hospitality industry, Robin and his team recently won the Lee Kuan Yew Technology Award 2021.