SNEF Gold Medal Winners

Norheesham B Rahmat

Work-Study Diploma in Marine & Offshore Engineering

ITE College Central


Building a Bright Future 

An internship stint at Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd during his Higher Nitec in Marine & Offshore Technology course cemented Norheesham B Rahmat’s resolve to pursue a career in shipbuilding. While Norheesham could have easily qualified for a Polytechnic diploma course, he chose to apply for a full-time position at Keppel instead, to hone his skills in the industry. 

A few years into his job, an opportunity to upgrade his qualifications came along in the form of the ITE Work-Study Diploma (WSDip). It was a win-win situation for Norheesham, as he could work towards getting a recognised diploma, while learning on-the-job at Keppel. The WSDip curriculum structure allowed him to gain hands-on experience at various departments within the shipyard, where he gained valuable insights into the entire shipbuilding process. 

A fast and capable learner, Norheesham impressed his superiors with his strong work ethics and good attitude. In recognition of his outstanding performance, Norheesham was promoted from a Drafter to an Assistant Planning Engineer. He was also entrusted with tasks that demanded a high level of responsibility, such as assisting with the construction methodology of an offshore wind farm substation, a new renewable energy project. 

Practice Makes Perfect 

“To me, the WSDip course is not just about paper qualifications. I get the opportunity to apply what I have learnt, to be involved in real projects, rather than just sitting in a classroom.” 

After ITE

Norheesham is the first WSDip graduate to have been offered a place in a local university. As he is currently serving a post-training bond with Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd, he intends to take up his degree studies under a company sponsorship after the bond. Norheesham shared that Keppel had expressed support for him to further his studies. He hopes to contribute further to the company with his newfound knowledge upon graduation from university. 

Top Achievements 

  • Norheesham was awarded the Association of Singapore Marine Industries (ASMI) Scholarship in 2011. In 2021, he obtained the Diploma in Marine & Offshore Engineering with Merit. 
  • A serious and committed student, Norheesham excelled in his on-the-job training and was constantly among the top performers in the WSDip course.





Muhammad Hafiz B Mohamadnor

Work-Study Diploma in Mechanical & Electrical Services Supervision

ITE College East


The Right Attitude


Growing up in a large family of seven, eldest child Muhammad Hafiz sees it as his duty to support his parents and be a good role model to his younger siblings. After ‘N’ levels, he opted to study Nitec in Facility Management (Traineeship) which suited his learning and financial needs well. After serving his National Service, the kinesthetic learner did not hesitate to enrol in ITE’s Work-Study Diploma (WSDip) Programme.


Accustomed to the traineeship model of work and learn, Hafiz settled well into a routine that alternates between the workplace and campus. As his work deals with systems and machines, he valued the practical training and guidance from industry experts. In school, under the guidance of lecturers, learning is further reinforced.


At times, Hafiz struggled to balance school and work obligations. Encouraged by his family’s advice of always seeing the big picture, he persevered in the course and even took the initiative to upgrade further by signing up for a Fire Safety certification. Hafiz’s positive work attitude and excellent performance were duly recognised by his employer and he was promoted from a Technician to a Technical Officer. Hafiz credits his family for constantly reminding him that the right attitude will eventually reap rewards.


The Right Fit


“The Work-Study Diploma Programme with ITE was definitely the right fit for me. I got the peace of mind to continue to upskill in the area of my choice, through a fully sponsored training programme. I had the opportunity to be mentored and guided by experienced people at my workplace whilst earning a stable monthly income to support my family. Graduating with a Diploma in hand is so surreal – I am qualified, capable, confident and motivated, and these are the qualities I want my employer to see in me.”


After ITE


Hafiz is currently employed by ENGIE Services Singapore Pte Ltd. He plans to upgrade his skills and attain a degree in Facility Management in future.


Top Achievements 

  • Hafiz performed exceptionally well in his course, obtaining a Gold Course Medal which is conferred to the top graduate of his course. 
  • A capable employee at work, Hafiz frequently comes up with innovative solutions to resolve problems at his work site.






Daniel Ezzra Adly B Mohamed Y

Work-Study Diploma in Security Systems Engineering

ITE College West


Shy Guy No More


Daniel Ezzra Adly B Mohamed Y chose to take up a Work-Study Diploma (WSDip) in Security Systems Engineering at ITE because it allowed him to study and build his career at the same time. Fuelled by his passion for technology, Daniel was able to push himself beyond his comfort zone during training.


Initially shy, he was not confident in communicating with others at the start of the programme, despite possessing the know-how. Through determination and support from his supervisors, Daniel successfully managed a project during his training and received compliments from several customers. His resilience, positive attitude and outstanding performance during training have impressed not just his supervisors, but also the Vice President & Head of Certis Technology (Singapore). 


Experience Counts


“ITE helped build up my foundation, allowing me to understand the larger context and gain knowledge of the industry. With the WSDip, the theories I’ve learnt translated into real-life experience and I was able to apply my knowledge into specific technologies. I also gained experience in soft skills earlier than my peers with on-the-job training. With more recognition being awarded to WSDip, I have no regrets taking up this course.”


After ITE


Daniel is now a Field Engineer at Certis Technology (Singapore) Pte Ltd – his employer during WSDip training. He received a pay increment upon graduation. He hopes to further his studies in the future.


Top Achievements 

  • Daniel is part of the pioneer batch of WSDip graduates. He received the Gold Course Medal, which is given to the top graduate in the course.
  • While studying for his Nitec in Technology (Mobile Devices), Daniel received the Edusave Awards for Achievement, Good Leadership & Service in 2015 and 2016.
  • While training, Daniel led an in-house project that helped minimise the rate of return to the Engineering Service Centre. This reduction in manpower to maintain and troubleshoot meant substantial savings for the company. His outstanding performance during training led to him achieving an excellent grade for his On-the-Job Training in Year 2.