Nicole Baruela Ayathuray

Nitec in Space Design (Architecture)

ITE College Central



Motivated to Grow 


The journey towards self-discovery can happen anytime. For Nicole, it happened at ITE. Naturally a shy person, she struggled during her first three months at ITE. Nicole soon realised that she had to be more proactive to progress. The first step she took was to get involved in Co-Curricular Activities (CCA), which she believed helped change her perspective and taught her new skills.


From there, Nicole blossomed, growing into the bubbly and outspoken girl that she is today. Her diligence, excellent work ethics, articulation and ability to express her thoughts clearly earned her opportunities to take part in events, such as an international workshop and conference. In addition, her commitment to making the most out of her ITE education saw her excel in her CCA, her College’s student talent development programme, and her studies. All, while enjoying her time at ITE.       


Nurturing Oneself


“Going to school is not just about studying, but also about developing yourself as a person. I took the two years in ITE to grow myself. I’ve become more confident and learnt the importance of having opinions and being knowledgeable.”


After ITE


Nicole is pursuing a diploma in Landscape Architecture at Singapore Polytechnic.


Top Achievements


  • Nicole was named the Top Graduate for the School of Design & Media at ITE College Central in Feb 2020. She also received the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Model Student Award 2020.
  • Nicole was one of only two ITE students at the ‘Future Thinking and Scenario Planning’ workshop organised by the LKY School of Public Policy. She was the only student representative from her College at the prestigious Singapore Bicentennial Conference, where international thought leaders discussed Singapore’s history.
  • She was named Valedictorian for the US Embassy Mentoring Programme.