Mok Ting Yuan

Nitec in Infocomm Technology

ITE College West


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Being a Change Agent


In secondary school, Ting Yuan had a notorious reputation and almost dropped out of school. Beneath the image of a problematic student was a youth struggling to break out of the poverty cycle. Over time, he came to realise that education can be an equaliser in social mobility so he resolved to give his best in studies.


In ITE, Ting Yuan consistently appeared on the Director’s List and was enlisted into the ACE Club for academic achievers. A true team player, he volunteered as a Student-Mentor to coach his peers so that nobody was left behind. The charismatic youth was elected President of the Mobile Apps and Service Club and Vice President for the Fun Go-Kart Club. Reflecting on his own journey, Ting Yuan developed a “heart of service” - participating in meaningful projects that encouraged inclusiveness and battled climate change. Within two years, he left a mark of excellence in everything he did and earned a long list of accolades in return. From a delinquent to a beacon of hope, Ting Yuan’s successful transformation is one that will inspire positive change in others.


Good Work in Progress


“Change is not by chance but a choice we have to make. Failure can be a key to success if you use it as a motivation to try harder and never give up. My life was impacted by failure after failure, but I did not concede defeat. I embraced the opportunity given to me at ITE - a brand new start to build the life I want for my loved ones.


My days are now long and packed with events and activities, but I am never tired. In fact, I feel energised, purposeful and motivated to do my best and be of service to others. I wish to thank my lecturers for their support and encouragement, especially my Class Advisor, Mr Tan Yeow Khoon. My life is now filled with endless possibilities and I am excited to live it to the fullest!



After ITE


Ting Yuan is currently pursuing a Diploma in Infocomm Security Technology at Singapore Polytechnic. After serving National Service, he plans to enter the workforce to gain useful industry experience and start supporting his family. Ting Yuan dreams of setting up his own IT company, developing apps and softwares that will enrich people’s life.


Top Achievements

  • The list of awards Ting Yuan bagged in his two years with ITE included the suite of Edusave Awards (Character Award, Certificate of Academic Achievement, Eagles Award, Merit Bursary and Skills Award). For his outstanding academic performance, he was also awarded the PMAS Book Prize 2020 and Chip Eng Seng's Community Service Study Grant.
  • For his outstanding contributions in leadership and service to the community, Ting Yuan achieved the OBS Leadership and Service Award (2018), ITE College West Gold Service Star Award (2018) and Diamond Service Star Award (2019). He was also awarded the National Youth Achievement Award (Gold) in 2020.
  • He led his team to clinch the Merit Award in a smoke-free campaign in the Singapore Cancer Society Inter-School Competition 2019. His project was also instrumental in encouraging his own family member to quit smoking!