Message by CEO

CEO pic at SAA2022

Dear Graduands,

I am delighted to celebrate your graduation and achievement with you. My heartiest congratulations to all of you! 


Over the last two years, you have learnt to adapt very quickly to changes and uncertainties. Even though some activities were discontinued or conducted in a different format, you have continued to demonstrate the indomitable spirit of curiosity, enthusiasm and drive to discover, learn and challenge yourselves. You have all grown as individuals.  I believe your resilience and competencies will stand you in good stead as you begin a new stage of your life.


Whether you enter the workforce or pursue further education and training, I am certain the training and experiences at ITE have given you greater confidence as you chart your new path.


Learning does not end upon graduation. Among various options available to you, you could deepen your skills through the wide range of part-time Continuing Education & Training (CET) programmes at ITE; enrol in a Technical Diploma course; or sign up for the ITE Work-Study Diploma programme.  


And because you will always be a part of the ITE family, please stay in touch as one of our alumni! The ITE Alumni Association is a great way to network with fellow graduates.   


As you set off on your new journey, I wish you success in all your future endeavours. 


Ms Low Khah Gek
Chief Executive Officer
Institute of Technical Education

Message by Principal, ITE College Central

CC - Suresh Photo for GC2022

Dear Graduands,

Congratulations! The overcast skies of the past two years are rapidly clearing, and the first green shoots of a nascent economic recovery are peeking through. What a time to be graduating! 

It is not uncommon to view graduation as the terminus on an educational journey. Allow me to suggest, however, that completing your ITE education has brought you to an interchange instead. You are now arriving at a station that does not limit and restrict where you can go and what you can do.  Rather, it links you up to a whole range of new opportunities and possibilities. With what you have learned here in ITE, you are now empowered and enabled to move forward and travel further than ever before.

Of course, in your future careers, it is possible, maybe even inevitable, that you may need to move across platforms or even switch tracks from time to time. Change happens, and when it does, you must have the agility to evolve and adapt, and move with the times.

I wish you all the best on your journeys ahead!

Mr Suresh Natarajan
ITE College Central

Message by Principal, ITE College East

CE - Dr Yek Photo for GC2022

Dear Graduands,

Congratulations! Your hard work and efforts have paid off and it gives me great honour and pleasure to celebrate this milestone with you. I hope that the learning experience you have gleaned from ITE will stand you in good stead for the next phase of your life.

2022 bodes well with signs of recovery in the economy. Businesses and industries are picking up and finding pace – some in emerging areas, such as agritech, renewable energy, assistive technology, cybersecurity, big data, fintech and blockchain. We also see an acceleration in digital trends, which offers promising prospects to those amongst you who are ready to embrace the digital economy.

Even though political, economic and technological pressures continue to pose challenges, I am confident that you are well-equipped to handle the unexpected, just as you have adapted to the unforeseen changes over the last two years to complete your studies. Obstacles are part and parcel of life, and you may even fail on occasions, but we can always learn and improve through the process and do better the next time. More importantly, never be afraid to try something new and never be afraid to dream big dreams.

In his memoir, Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going, our founding father of modern Singapore, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, urged Singaporeans ‘not to let the grass grow under their feet’. Similarly, as you venture onto new grounds, I encourage you to keep an open mind and to continue to upgrade and deepen your skills, so that you remain agile and able to seize the opportunities that come your way.

Class of 2022, my heartiest congratulations once again. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Dr Yek Tiew Ming
ITE College East

Message by Principal, ITE College West 

CW - Alice Photo for GC2022

Dear Class of 2022,

My heartiest congratulations on your graduation!  Your course completion and achievements are testimony to the hard work and commitment that you have put in. Being a graduate is a proud moment for every student. It marks the moment when you take that step forward to declare #iAmReady, towards a future that is filled with exciting potential and opportunities!

COVID-19 has taught us to focus on our priorities in life, and you have proven to be resilient and adaptable through the uncertainties. Whether you are entering the job market or pursuing further studies, success will come to you as you embark on your new endeavours. Indeed, we believe you CAN!

Create opportunities. The ITE qualification you have acquired, together with the critical Communication, Collaboration and Customer-Orientation Skills you have cultivated here in College West, essentially define you as a 21st Century graduate who is ready for the challenges ahead. So don’t wait for opportunity to knock. Instead, take that first step to seek out the door yourself. 

Aim high! Be ambitious and pursue your dreams. In order to do so, it is important to stay relevant by learning new skills and adapting to changes as you go along. Be sharp and stick to your goals. But remember to set a high benchmark for yourself. Go fly as high as you can.

Navigate your road to success. Our life will always be filled with obstacles, bumps and U-turns but these setbacks make the eventual success even sweeter. Set a clear purpose and end-goal for yourself and you will be able to find that path to make things happen!

I look forward to keeping ties with you as part of our ITE Alumni. May each of you continue to be an inspiration to our new students.

I wish you all the best as you pursue your dreams. The world is your oyster. Go forth and always tell yourself “I believe I CAN!

Ms Alice Seow 
ITE College West