ITE offers two types of Bursary scheme: CDC & CCC-ITE BURSARY SCHEME

Objective of CDC & CCC-ITE Bursary Scheme

The CDC & CCC-ITE Bursary Scheme is a financial assistance scheme aimed at encouraging secondary school leavers from lower-income families to take up ITE training before joining the workforce.

Eligibility Criteria
The criteria for the award of the CDC & CCC-ITE Bursary are :

  General Rules

 The award will be for ONE academic year only. Recipients undergoing training in 2-year courses will be required to re-apply for the award at the beginning of the second year.

 Recipients who meet the criteria for the award of the Edusave Merit Bursary (EMB) will also be eligible for the EMB award.

Quantum of Award

 The quantum of the award is pegged to the gross household income of the eligible applicant, as follows:

                 Gross Monthly Household Income Bursary Quantum

 All recipients of the Bursary are required to pay course fee, except Malay students who are eligible for course fee exemption.


Objective of EMB Scheme
The EMB Scheme aims to level up educational opportunities for ITE full-time students from lower-income households by motivating them to excel in their studies.

Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for the EMB award, an applicant  must meet the following conditions :

Quantum of Award
The quantum of the award is $400.