List of Traineeship Programmes : Electronics

Traineeship Scheme
Nitec in Electronics (Computer & Networking)
  The trainee should be able to install, test, service and commission electronic and computer equipment which include microcomputer systems, microcomputer-based equipment and computer peripheral equipment. Write programs and interface electronics devices to a microprocessor. Set up microcomputer and interface with the peripheral devices. Set up and install networking equipment
Nitec in Electronics (Microelectronics)
  The trainee should be able to test, service and repair common electronic equipment and control system of machinery. Check, setup and operate software driven and electronically controlled semiconductor manufacturing machine, process equipment and process recipe. Interpret and rectify simple semiconductor process conditioning or equipment problem. Inspect, test and evaluate semiconductor process qualification.
Nitec in Security Technology
  The trainee should be able to install wired and wireless network infrastructure and devices, set up wired and wireless local and wide area network. Install, upgrade, configure and maintain surveillance systems, intrusion detection systems and access control systems. Perform troubleshooting at card level on security equipment.


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