Traineeship Scheme

About the scheme

The Traineeship Scheme is a formalised ‘Earn-as-you-Learn’ training arrangement that is specially designed for you, as an employer, to recruit and provide fresh secondary school leavers with skills training leading to nationally-recognised ITE qualifications.

Depending on the programme, the duration of traineeship is between one and two years and the training covers 2 components:

  • On-the-Job training (OJT) provided in-house by your company. The OJT component will form the greater part of the skills acquisition that your trainee will be provided with and under the mentorship of your skilled technicians or supervisors; and
  • Off-the-Job training conducted by ITE or an ITE Approved Training Centre where theoretical and practical lessons are covered. Your company will sponsor your trainee and bear all course and other related fees incurred for the duration of training. Generally, classes are conducted on a day-release basis.


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ITE Support


ITE will provide you with the following support to:

  • Assist your company in recruitment of trainees;
  • Seek deferment from the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) for your male trainees who are liable for full-time National Service;
  • Publicise Traineeship programmes through various promotional activities including advertisement in the media; and
  • Assist your trainers to be pedagogically qualified through courses such as "Prepare and Conduct Coaching" and "Design & Develop OJT Programme" conducted by ITE.





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