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The Part-time Higher Nitec courses are conducted on a Semester-based Credit System of Training (SCT).  Under SCT, courses are structured and offered as individual modules where credits are assigned to each module.

Depending on the demand, not all the modules in the Part-time Higher Nitec courses will be offered in each intake. Where the modules are offered and there is insufficient enrolment, the classes will be cancelled and a full refund will be given to the affected students.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old on 1 January of intake year.

The offer of an ITE course to applicants is subject to them being physically, medically and mentally fit to pursue the course.  This is to ensure that all students can benefit from ITE training in a safe and conducive environment.  Applicants or students  assessed by ITE as being unfit, can be withdrawn from the course. Where appropriate, they may be considered for other courses if there are suitable ones.  For further course advising before the submission of application, please call Customer & Visitor Centre on Tel: 1800-Call-ITE (1800-2255 483).

Admission of Non-Citizens
Applicants who are non-citizens working in Singapore, must have a valid Work Pass/Dependant's Pass at the point of application and for the period of the course.   If the Work Pass/Dependant's Pass expires within the duration of the course and cannot be renewed, the affected student shall fully bear the consequence of not being able to complete the course.

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Higher Nitec

Classes for Part-time Higher Nitec start in April and October. You will be able to register for a class in February for the April intake, and in August for the October intake.

Details of the exact registration dates and Colleges offering the modules, will be published in the website when registration opens. You can choose to sign up in a few ways:



New Singaporean/Permanent Resident Applicant
If you are a first-time applicant and a Singaporean or Permanent Resident, you can register for a class over the Internet. Please click here for the web registration guide.

You are required to produce your NRIC/Work Pass/Dependant's Pass and original academic qualification documents for verification at the College of study or any ITE Customer & Visitor Centre during office hours and any of the specified periods:

i) Wed 11 Feb 15 to Tue 17 Feb 15
ii) Wed 11 Mar 15 to Thu 2 Apr 15
iii) Two weeks immediately after term commencement (Refund policy applies for withdrawal as a result of the verification. You are advised to verify documents before the term start date of 6 Apr 15 for the Apr 15 intake.)

You may provide an authorisation letter or form to allow a representative to submit your original documents for verification. Please click
HERE to download the Authorisation Form.


Fees must be paid in full within 7 days from your course registration date.  No partial payment is acceptable.  If you do not make full payment within 7 days, you are deemed to have withdrawn from the module(s) that you have registered for.  Your training place will then be offered to other applicants.

You may pay the full fees through the following modes:

Self-Automated Machine (SAM);
Cash Payment at Singapore Post Office;
Cash, Cheque, Network for Electronic Transfers (NETS) and Credit Card Payment at any ITE Customer & Visitor Centre;
Post Secondary Education Account (PSEA)*, (For Higher Nitec courses only). Not applicable to ISC courses.

If you have registered for the modules online before 11.59 pm, you may pay via SAM/Singapore Post Office from 10.30 am the next working day. Your Financial Account will be updated the next working day, after payment has been made by you.

*You need to submit the PSEA Ad Hoc Form to any ITE Customer & Visitor Centre within 7 days from the date of your web registration for Higher Nitec courses. For more information about PSEA and to download the PSEA Ad Hoc Form, please visit

To check whether ITE has received your payment, please access the online ITE Student Portal to view your Financial Accounts status.  Your Financial Accounts will be updated on the next day for credit card payment and for payment made through SAM/Singapore Post Office.


New International Applicant
New International applicants have to submit an application over the counter at any ITE Customer & Vistor Centre. Fees must be paid in full upfront at the point of registration. No partial payment is acceptable.


Walk-in Registration
Please bring with you all relevant documents when registering at any ITE Customer & Visitor Centre:

Your NRIC or valid Work Pass/Dependant's Pass;
Documents to verify your highest standard attained, such as educational certificates, module certificates or Entrance Test result slip;
The full fees payable (cash, cheque, NETS, credit card and PSEA accepted).

Fees must be paid in full upfront at the point of registration.  No partial payment is acceptable.

If you wish to enrol for modules with vacancies after the official registration period, please call our Customer Service Hotline on 1800-2255-483 or enquire at any ITE Customer & Visitor Centre.


Fees Payment 
Students who have successfully registered to a course of study in ITE, will be issued a User ID and Password.  You may view the fees payable immediately after enrolling into class(es) by clicking on the 'My Accounts link'.  You may also access online the ITE Student Portal at on the next working day with the User ID and Password, to view the fees payable.


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Class Formation

Where the modules are offered and there is insufficient enrolment, the classes will be cancelled and affected students will be given a full refund . If the class that students have registered for, is cancelled, ITE will notify them at least two weeks before the course start date.

Application For Module Exemption

Students can apply for exemption from one or more modules in a course of study based on their relevant prior learning acquired from ITE or other institutions. The number of module exemptions that can be given in an ITE course is as follows:
up to 50% of total certification credits required for holders of non-ITE qualifications (excluding WSQs);
up to 75% of total certification credits required for holders of WSQ qualifications;
up to 100% of total certification credits required for holders of ITE qualifications within the same certification level (but a minimum one-year work experience is imposed on those who directly apply for full CET certification after completing the requisite modules during their Full-time or Traineeship training.  This is in addition to the minimum age requirement of 18 years for CET enrolment); and
up to 50% of total certification credits required for the next higher qualification; e.g. when a Nitec graduate progresses to Higher Nitec training.  (This rule does not apply to Nitec graduates who progress directly to 2nd year of Higher Nitec courses.)


Module Exemption based on Non-ITE Certifications

Evaluation Criteria
Application Rules
Application Procedure
Notification of Results

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Evaluation Criteria
You will need to produce evidence of your prior learning, and your application will be evaluated based on:

Certified learning acquired which is still relevant and current;
Relevant work experience acquired from local companies, if any; and
A one-off practical test to be taken by applicants, if deemed necessary by ITE.

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Application Rules
To be eligible to apply for module exemption, you must observe the following rules:

Applicants are to apply for module exemption after registering for a part-time course of study and before the course starts.  You will not be able to apply for module exemption after the course has begun.
Applicants should not apply for the same module exemption at different Colleges. However, students may re-apply for exemption for the same module, if they have acquired additional relevant learning and/or qualification(s) during the course of study.

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Application Procedure
Application for module exemption must be submitted to the applicant’s Customer & Visitor Centre of the College of study before the start of the module training. The procedure is as follows:

Click here to download the application form or obtain a set from any ITE Customer & Visitor Centre.
Submit completed application form to your College of study with supporting documents listed as follows:
- Certified true copies of relevant certificates. Certificates issued by foreign institutions must be endorsed by the relevant embassies;
- Detailed results;
- Relevant syllabus(es) with breakdown of curriculum duration for theory lessons and practical training;
- Type and mode of assessment of the certified learning;
- Pre-requisite(s) for the certified learning, if any;
- Relevant local work experience, if any, and endorsed by employer(s).
- All supporting documents must be in English. Documents in other languages will not be considered in the evaluation.
Pay a non-refundable evaluation fee of $50 per application at the point of submission. Payment may be made by cheque which is to be crossed and made payable to “Institute of Technical Education” or using NETS, credit card or cash.
Where required in the evaluation process, you may have to:
- Attend an interview; and/or
- Take a practical test of 1 to 2-hour duration for a module applied. An additional test fee of $70 per module, has to be paid on the day of the test, and the receipt has to be produced before taking the test.
Failure to turn up for the interview or the practical test which will be conducted during office hours, or make payment for the practical test, will render your application void and invalid.


Notification of Results
You will be notified of the outcome of your application by post within one month from date of application for module exemption.

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Module Fee Payable by Successful Applicants
Successful applicants can apply for a refund of module fee if they have enrolled in the module for which exemption is given.  The refund application is subject to ITE's prevailing refund policy.



Module Exemption/Transfer based on ITE Certifications
Students who completed some modules from their previous ITE course under other modes of ITE training (Full-time or Traineeship), may apply to continue their outstanding modules in a related course under CET and graduate with a CET Certificate.  To qualify, applicants must be 18 years old, and have accumulated at least one year of work experience upon leaving their Full-time or Traineeship course.  They must complete the CET course within a 6-year timeframe from the date of first examination taken.

Students can apply for module exemption/transfer for their prior learning from their previous ITE course, at the Customer & Visitor Centre of their College of study before start of the module training.  Click here to download the application form.

Students should apply for module exemption/transfer upfront so that they can be advised on the modules that can be exempted and outstanding modules that need to be completed.  This will enable students to plan their course of study so as to be awarded the Higher Nitec in Services/Technology or Nitec in Services/Technology certificate upon successful completion of all outstanding modules for the course.  For details on module exemption for Nitec in Services/Technology graduates progressing to relevant Higher Nitec in Services/Technology courses, please click here.


Notification of Results
You will be notified of the outcome of your application by post within one month from date of application for module exemption.


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Application for Full CET Certificate
Students who meet the New CET full certification requirements from their prior learning in ITE full-time course, may apply for the CET Certification through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) System.  Click here to download the application form.  The completed Application Form and supporting documents, are to be submitted to the ITE Customer & Visitor Centre.

Applicants must be 18 years old, and have accumulated at least one year of relevant work experience.

Applicants may be required to attend an interview under ITE’s RPL System.

There will be a non-refundable evaluation fee of $50 for each application.

The validity period for achieving a full CET certificate is 6 years, from the date of first ITE module examination taken.



Notification of Results

You will be notified of the outcome of your application by post within one month from date of application for full CET Certificate.

Module Exemption based on Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) - Mutual Recognition System
Credit exemptions will be granted to candidates pursuing further continuing education and training under the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) or Singapore Workforce Development Agency's (WDA) WSQ system. WDA will grant credit exemptions to ITE graduates who have passed the course modules that correspond to the relevant WSQ competency units for WSQ certification.

Likewise, under the same arrangement, ITE will grant credit exemptions to WSQ graduates who are assessed competent in WSQ competency units that correspond to the Nitec modules for the ITE skills standards.

The number of modules to be granted exemption for WSQ competency units will not exceed 75% of the total credits required for ITE Nitec certification, for a maximum period of 6 years (from the date of first examinations taken).

Details of application procedures can be found in the Mutual Recognition FAQs in ITE websites.


Applicant shall submit the completed application form and supporting documents to any Customer & Visitor Centre at ITE.
There will be a non-refundable evaluation fee of $50 per application (inclusive of GST). Payment must be made at point of application by cheque, or using NETS, credit card or cash. If you are paying by cheque, the cheque is to be crossed and made payable to 'Institute of Technical Education'.


Notification of Results
You will be notified of the outcome of your application by post within one month from date of application for module exemption.

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