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School of Design & Media

Does your personal style differentiate you from the rest? Do you feel strongly about design and aesthetics in the environment and things around you? Do you have an itch to create something out of nothing? If that is you, we see your potential to excel in the School of Design & Media!

Complement your sense of creativity with the practical skills that you will learn at ITE. With some guidance and nurturing from our experienced lecturers, you will soon be on your way to succeed in this highly demanding and competitive creative industry.

Nitec courses
Digital Animation
Fashion Apparel Production & Design
Product Design
Space Design (Architecture)
Space Design (Interior & Exhibition)
Visual Communication
Visual Effects

Higher Nitec courses
Filmmaking (Cinematography)
Interactive Design
Performance Production
Space Design Technology
Visual Merchandising

To learn more about the minimum entry requirements for each course, click here.