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School of Electronics & Info-Comm Technology

Are you a whiz kid when it comes to computers and networks? Do you like figuring out why electronic devices work the way they do? Are you naturally good at sorting out technological problems? If you can’t resist the urge to sprout technical jargon, the School of Electronics & Info-Comm Technology is the right place for you!

The expertise and unique know-how mastered at ITE will allow you to provide brilliant solutions to complex problems. You will be a great asset to your company when you step into the workforce!

Nitec courses
Digital Audio & Video Production
Electronics,Computer Networking & Communications  
Infocomm Technology
Security Technology
Web Applications

Higher Nitec courses
Broadcast & Media Technology
Business Information Systems
Cyber & Network Security
Electronics Engineering
Games Art & Design
Games Programming & Development
IT Applications Development
IT Systems & Networks
Security System Integration

To learn more about the minimum entry requirements for each course, click here.