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School of Engineering

Are you a hands-on person who likes to make things work? Do you have an inventive mind that thinks out of the box? Do you find yourself analysing problems using mind maps and building blocks? The School of Engineering is where you can challenge your boundaries and improve the lives of millions through your innovations.

With popular courses in the aerospace, marine and transportation sector, you will have plenty of career options in the future. Equip yourself with a solid foundation and realise your dreams at ITE now!

Nitec courses
Aerospace Avionics
Aerospace Machining Technology
Aerospace Technology
Automotive Technology (Heavy Vehicles)
Automotive Technology (Light Vehicles)
Digital & Precision Engineering - New! (wef Jan 2018 Intake)
Electrical Technology (Lighting & Sound)
Electrical Technology (Power & Control)
Facility Technology (Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration)
Facility Technology (Landscaping Services)
Facility Technology (Mechanical & Electrical Services)
Facility Technology (Vertical Transportation)
Mechanical Technology
Rapid Transit Technology

Higher Nitec courses
Civil & Structural Engineering Design
Electrical Engineering
Engineering with Business
Facility Management
Facility Systems Design
Landscape Management & Design
Marine & Offshore Technology
Marine Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering
Offshore & Marine Engineering Design
Precision Engineering
Process Plant Design
Rapid Transit Engineering
Robotics & Smart Systems - New! (wef Apr 2018 Intake)
Automotive Engineering - New! (wef Apr 2018 Intake)

To learn more about the minimum entry requirements, click here.