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Direct Entry Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP)

If you are a Secondary 4N(A) student and want a guaranteed place in the Polytechnic, then the ITE Direct Entry Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP) is what you should consider. 

Before you say yes to DPP, you should ask yourself a few important questions:
1. Do you enjoy a hands-on learning style?
2. Do you want to secure and enjoy a direct progression from a Higher Nitec course to a related Diploma course in the polytechnics?
3. Do you wish to skip the uncertainty of taking the GCE ‘O’ Levels and save one year?

If you have answered YES to all the questions, then DPP is definitely for you. Embark on a Higher Nitec course and prepare yourself for a polytechnic Diploma course.

Applicants must obtain a total of 19 points or less for English Language, Mathematics and 3 other subjects (ELMAB3), excluding CCA bonus points, in the GCE ‘N(A)’ Level examinations as shown in the table below.

Applied Sciences / Engineering / Info-Communications Technology Required Grades
English Language 1 - 4
Mathematics 1 - 4
Any three other subjects 1 - 5
Business and Services / Hospitality Required Grades
English Language 1 - 3
Mathematics 1 - 4
Any three other subjects 1 - 5

Once you have completed the Higher Nitec course, you would be assured of a place in a Polytechnic Diploma course if you meet the Qualifying Grade Point Average (GPA) for DPP students, as follows:

Courses Progress to 1st in relevant polytechnic Diploma course* Progress to 2nd in relevant polytechnic Diploma course*
Applied Sciences # ITE raw GPA >= 2.5 points
(excluding CCA bonus points^)
Engineering or Info- Communications Technology # ITE raw GPA >= 2.5 points
(excluding CCA bonus points^)
ITE raw GPA >= 3.5 points
(excluding CCA bonus points^)
Business & Services ITE raw GPA >=3.0 points
(excluding CCA bonus points^)

# For Higher Nitec courses in Applied Sciences, Engineering or Info-Communications Technology, in addition to the qualifying Grade Point Average (GPA) scores, students are required to take up and pass a Mathematics elective at ITE to be eligible for polytechnic courses under DPP. GCE ‘N’ (Academic) holders with at least a grade C in GCE ‘O’ Level Mathematics will be exempted from this requirement.
^ CCA grades will be used for computing the students’ net GPA at ITE for selection and posting to a polytechnic Diploma course. 
* DPP students who successfully complete Higher Nitec courses and attain the required minimum qualifying Higher Nitec GPA scores are guaranteed a place in relevant first year courses, at polytechnics, which are mapped to their Higher Nitec courses.

GCE ‘N’ (Academic) Level holders who have been offered a place under DPP and accepted the course offer will not be provided a place in Secondary 5 Normal (Academic) studies.

Guaranteed progression applies only to first year of relevant Polytechnic Diploma courses. Admission is based on merit and subject to vacancies in the courses.
The Polytechnic Diploma courses that you can apply after completing your Higher Nitec via DPP can be found here.

Questions? Please refer to the FAQs here.