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Going Global

Ever dreamed of travelling the world? Well, stop dreaming and start living! At ITE, you can get an experience of a lifetime with the Global Education Programme. ITE students will get to see the world through the Overseas Experiential Programme, and overseas students will get to see ITE through the Global Awareness Programme.

Look forward to increasing your exposure and picking up global skill sets that you can put to good use locally. You will also gain a better understanding of different cultures and make new friends! With our holistic and comprehensive programme, ITE students will be well prepared for the global economy.

Overseas Experiential Programme
ITE students will have a chance to participate in:
- Overseas Student Exchange Programme (OSEP)
- Overseas Industrial Attachment Programme (OIAP)
- Overseas Service & Development Programme (OSDP)

Global Awareness Programme
ITE works with overseas institutions to bring students here to see our projects, understand our learning systems and immerse into the ITE culture through:
- Cultural & Diversity Programmes
- Seminars & Workshops
- International Student Programmes

here to read more about the students' experience of a lifetime!