Approved Training Centre (ATC) Scheme

About the scheme



The Approved Training Centre (ATC) scheme allows you to train your employees in-house, in skills leading to nationally recognised ITE certifications.


The ATC status is valid for a period of up to 3 years and is meant for you to train your employees who are Singaporeans, Permanent Residents or Foreign Workers on valid work permits/employment passes.

Thus, if your company needs to train a sizeable number of employees and has the necessary infrastructure to conduct training and testing in-house, then the ATC scheme is the right solution to meet your manpower development requirements.


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Depending on your operational requirements, you have the flexibility to conduct training in one or more of the following training modes:




Your employees will attend theory and practical lessons on a full-time basis for the full duration of the prescribed curriculum hours.



Your employees will attend theory and practical lessons on a part-time basis, based on an ITE-approved training pattern and duration.



Your employees will attend formalised training comprising on-the-job training (OJT) and off-the-job training for a duration specified by ITE. The terms and conditions of training will be governed by a Traineeship Agreement and to be signed by your company, the trainee and his surety.


ITE Support


ITE will:

  • Advise your company on the development of facilities for training and testing for the course(s) specified;
  • Provide your company with the necessary course structure, standard equipment lists, test plans and other relevant material for you to conduct training and testing in your Centre; and
  • Assist your trainers to be pedagogically qualified through courses conducted by ITE in areas such as Coaching Skills, Instructional Skills, Planning and Implementing OJT, Course Design and Curriculum Development and Develop and Conduct Assessment.


Training Grant for Employers


All employers participating in Traineeship are eligible for the Absentee Payroll Funding. In addition, employers who have the necessary infrastructure to conduct training and testing leading to ITE qualifications are eligible for Off-the-Job funding. Both these components of funding are described below.


Training Grant Funding for Traineeship Companies


For participating in the traineeship scheme, companies will receive Training Grant funding administered by Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) through the online SkillsConnect system ( The aim of the funding is to help you defray productivity costs incurred while your trainee undergoes training.

The Training Grant funding is computed based on the following variables:

- Trainee's hourly salary;

- Number of theory and practical hours based on ITE's course structures; and

- Number of OJT hours based on ITE's course structures


Off-the-Job Funding for Approved Training Centres (ATCs)


If your company is awarded the Approved Training Centre (ATC) status by ITE to conduct training and testing at your premises leading to ITE qualifications, you will receive an additional funding component for conducting the off-the-job training. The funding quantum will be based on ITE’s established curriculum hours.

For more information on the off-the-Job funding quantum, please contact Industry Officer.


This Training Grant funding will only be applicable to sponsored trainees who are Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents.

Guide to application for WDA funding, click here.



Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC)


The PIC Scheme was announced in Budget 2010 to encourage businesses to invest in productivity and innovation. Under this scheme, your company may enjoy enhanced tax deduction of qualifying training expenditure. Training conducted under ITE's ATC and COJTC schemes qualify for the PIC. For more details, please click here .


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