Enhanced Internship

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About the scheme

ITE's Enhanced Internship programme aims to expose our full-time students to the real work environment and enable them to better transit into the workplace after graduation.


        Primary objective of ITE’s Enhanced Internship programme:

          To provide an On-the-Job Training (OJT) opportunity that is in line with the students’ course and skill set

          Prepare our students for future employment


  • Key Features:

            Duration of internship is between 10 to 20 weeks

              For Nitec courses, commences in January or July.  For Higher Nitec courses, commences in April or October annually

              Structured training based on agreed task list

            An Internship Participation Agreement between ITE and the company

            Company trainer to mentor and co-assess the intern with support from ITE lecturer


  1. Role of the Employer

    To achieve the intended objective of the Enhanced Internship, employers are strongly encouraged to:

               Adhere to the work task list

               Provide necessary resources and equipment for students to perform the tasks

               Appoint experienced trainer to oversee and guide the intern

               Impart the right work attitudes, professionalism and provide a meaningful work experience

               Release students from work once a month for them to attend approved lessons at ITE (actual dates will be advised by ITE lecturer)


  1. ITE Support

               A lecturer will be assigned as the main coordinating person between the employer and ITE

               He/She will arrange for site visits to check on the interns’ progress and to gather feedback

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