A Guide to ITE Skills Certificate Courses at Vocational Training Centres



Those aged 14 years and above who have left school after their Primary School Leaving Examination or

before completing their secondary education, can sign up for the ISC at a Vocational Training Centre

(VTC). Those who completed Sec 3 Normal or equivalent can join directly the ISC 2nd year.


The ISC is conducted over 2 years. For the first year, students will learn full-time at a Vocational Training

Centre. For the second year, students can choose to continue full-time training at a VTC or take up a

Work-Based Programme.




First Year

The first year ISC programme is designed for students who need to learn foundation skills for further


Students will learn English Language, Mathematics and Attitudinal Development. Students will also

learn Basic Electricity & Electronics, Basic Computer Applications and Technical Drawing.

Students can choose from two options for workshop practice:

Option 1 for Technical Stream:

This option is suitable for both male and female students. :

  • Basic Electrical Application Students will learn to interpret simple blueprints and carry out

simple domestic electrical wiring using PVC trunking and metal conduit.



  • Basic Mechanical Servicing Students will learn to interpret simple blueprints and carry out

basic servicing and assembling of simple mechanical components.


Option 2 for Non-Technical Stream:

This option is more suitable for female students.

  • Basic Office Skills - Students will learn to perform simple office tasks such as handling of

mail, filing of documents, data entry and maintaining office inventory.


  • Basic Service Skills Students will learn basic food preparation, waiting and customer

services skills.

Second Year


Students who successfully complete the first year can choose to continue in full-time training or the

Work-Based Programme.


Full-time Training

In full-time training, students can choose for one of the following Courses:

  • ISC in Electrical Servicing Course
  • ISC in Mechanical Servicing Course
  • ISC in Food Preparation and Services

ISC in Electrical Servicing Course

  • The ISC Electrical Servicing Course Students will learn the skills and knowledge to install,

maintain and service residential and industrial electrical installations and electrical motor

control circuits and equipment in residential and industrial premises.


ISC in Mechanical Servicing Course


  • The ISC Mechanical Servicing Course Students will learn the skills and knowledge to install,

maintain, troubleshoot and overhaul various mechanical production machines and industrial

equipment in a factory or process plant.

ISC in Food Preparation and Services


  • The ISC Food Preparation and Services Students will learn the basic knowledge and skills in

Food Preparation, Food and Beverage Service, Housekeeping Service and Customer Service.


Work-Based Programme

Work-Based Programme is 'Quality Training with a Difference' where students can learn a valuable skill

and earn a salary at the same time. Companies will sponsor and train the students.

Under the Wok-Based programme, students are required to work at participating retail sales, book binding

or fast food outlets for 5 days and spend 1 day in the Institute learning the Employability Skills Modules.

Students who have performed satisfactory at the workplace and in their studies will be awarded the ISC

in their respective trades.


How much?


The fees payable per term are:


Fees Payable

Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents




(1st Year)


Training Fees


$77 per term

$116 per term



Supplementary Fee




(2nd Year)

Training Fees





Supplementary Fee







Examination Fee




All students have to pay a registration fee of $5 upon enrolment. (Fees are correct at time of printing and are subject to change)

+ Non-citizens who progressed from the Singapore School System and/or meet admissions criteria




You can choose to attend ISC courses at a Vocational Training Centre (VTC) nearer your home. The two

VTCs offering ISC courses are:

  • Assumption Vocational Institute (AVI)

622 Upper Bukit Timah Road

Singapore 678117

Tel No: 67692280

  • Geylang Serai Vocational Training Centre (GSVTC)

11 Jalan Ubi

Singapore 409074

Tel No: 68428231/2


AVI Academic Calendar for 2005



Jan to Jun 2005


Jul to Dec 2005



Mon 3 Jan to Sat 12 Mar 2005


Mon 4 Jul to Sat 10 Sep 2005



Mon 14 Mar to Sat 19 Mar 2005


Mon 12 Sep to Sat 17 Sep 2005



Mon 21 Mar to Sat 21 May 2005


Mon 19 Sep to Sat 19 Nov 2005


Study / Exam

Mon 23 May to Sat 4 Jun 2005


Mon 21 Nov to Sat 3 Dec 2005



Mon 6 Jun to Sat 2 Jul 2005


Mon 5 Dec to Sat 31 Dec 2005



National Service


ITE will assist students/trainees who meet the conditions set by the Ministry of Defence to obtain National

Service deferment for the period of their training.

For further information, please call:

Customer Service Centre

ITE Headquarters

Podium Block B, Level 2

10 Dover Drive

Singapore 138683

Tel No: 1800-2255-483

e-mail: training@ite.edu.sg

Nov 2005