An assessment or examination helps to support your learning. It answers the question, “What have I learnt and how well have I learnt it?” Your grades from cumulative assessments also certify that you have the necessary knowledge and skills that can be applied appropriately.

At ITE, each course is made up of different modules. There are in-module assessments and end-of-module examinations.

In-module Assessments

The number of in-module assessments you will have to take is different for each module. Examples of in-module assessments include:

  • Written tests and assignments
  • Practical tests and assignments
  • Project

To successfully complete each module, you will need to pass the critical skills required.

End-of-module Examinations

End-of-module examinations test how well you can integrate the various knowledge and skills covered in the module. Examples of end-of-module examinations include:

  • Written examinations
  • Practical examinations

Eligibility to Sit for End-of-module Examinations

To be eligible to take your end-of-module examination, you will need to achieve a minimum attendance of 80%. Your attendance rate is computed based on the cumulative lesson hours for each module in a semester.