At ITE, each course is made up of different modules. There are in-module assessments and end-of-module examinations.

In-module Assessments

The number of in-module assessments you will have to take is different for each module. Examples of in-module assessments include:

  • Written tests and assignments
  • Practical tests and assignments
  • Project

To successfully complete each module, you will need to pass the critical skills required.

End-of-module Examinations

End-of-module examinations test how well you can integrate the various knowledge and skills covered in the module. Examples of end-of-module examinations include:

  • Written examinations
  • Practical examinations

Eligibility to Sit for End-of-module Examinations

Higher Nitec and Nitec

To be eligible to take your end-of-module examination, you will need to achieve a minimum attendance of 80%. Your attendance rate is computed based on the cumulative lesson hours for each module in a semester.

Higher Nitec and Nitec in Services/Technology

There is no attendance requirement to sit for the end-of-module examination.