In light of the COVID-19 situation and recent elevated safe distancing measures, ITE will be closing all ITE campuses from 8 April to 1 June 2020. All students should stay at home during this period and follow all government health advisories. Please refer to the Changes to Academic Calendar for 2020 for the new training schedule.

For Continuing Education and Training (CET) students taking Nitec, ISC, and Higher Nitec courses, Home-Based Learning will commence from 11 May 2020. All 'face-to-face' CET classes for Adult Learners will be suspended till after 1 June. For more details, visit our Elevated Safe-distancing Measures in Light of COVID-19 Situation page.

Our Customer & Visitor Centres are closed. For contact information, visit our Get in Touch page. Please use our e-services, contact us online, or call Tel: 1800 2222 111.

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