Experience mobile, bite-sized and just-in-time learning! Micro-learning Courses (MLCs) are self-paced digital courses, delivered in bite-sized sessions for you to pick up a skill anytime, anywhere on any device - for free!

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List of Online Courses (Gnowbe):

Urban Solutions / Sustainability


Infocomm Technology

Business, Design and Communications

Culinary, Lifestyle and Wellness

To start your online learning journey, click on the link above and download Gnowbe, which is a mobile, micro-learning app that allows you to learn, engage and share knowledge on-the-go – available anytime, anywhere.


If you are accessing from a PC, do ensure that you are using Google Chrome.


You can also download the Gnowbe app on your phone so that you can learn anytime, anywhere. Go to get.gnowbe.com.


Do complete the MLC within 3 weeks after you first access it.  Once you have completed the MLC, do remember to download your e-Certificate of Completion.

List of Online Courses (Udemy):


Infocomm Technology

To start your online learning journey, click on the link above to register.  You will receive an invitation within 2 working days to sign up for ITE Udemy account.  Once your account is activated, you will be assigned the courses via the Learning path.