‘Work, Earn and Learn at the Same Time’


Leveraging on ITE’s core strength in learning by doing, ITE Work-Study Diploma (WSDip) is a perfect solution for ITE graduates to gain a headstart in your career while pursuing a nationally recognised diploma.

How to Apply?

Step by Step Guide for Work-Study Diploma Application:

Step 1 WSDip
  • View ITE Work-Study Diploma Programme video HERE.
  • For course write-up on respective courses, refer to the full course listing HERE.
Step 2 WSDip
  • Attempt WSDip Online Quiz. (Required for application)
  • Prepare a resume HERE.
  • Interview tips. Learn how to prepare for a job interview HERE.
Step 3 WSDip
  • Applicant have to follow the step by step guide before applying.
2021 IntakeApplication Period 
Phase 1

Online Application:

12 to 22 Oct 2020

Online Course Counselling & Resume Consultation:

13 to 23 Oct 2020

Application Closed
Phase 2

Online Application:

10 to 20 Dec 2020 (Application closed)

Online Course Counselling & Resume Consultation:

16 to 21 Dec 2020
  • Online course counselling & resume counselling are compulsory
    • Couse counselling with Industry Officer and Course Lecturer
    • Resume consultation with Lifeskills Lecturer
Application Closed

Note to National Service (NS) liable males on NS Deferment:

National Service (NS) liable males who wish to pursue Work-Study Diploma courses in 2021 onwards have to check their eligibility for NS Deferment at the CMPB. Only those who are eligible for NS deferment can enrol in the course.

Step 4 WSDip
  • Applicants have to complete course counselling and resume enhancement sessions before proceeding with document submission.
SingPass is required for online submission of relevant documents and choice(s) of companies. Click HERE to register for a SingPass if you do not have one.
  • Please prepare the following for submission:
    (Submission link is provided after online application in Step 3)
  1. Resume (Softcopy)
  2. Online Quiz Result - from Step 2 (Softcopy)
  3. Nitec/Higher Nitec Certificates (Softcopy)
  4. Nitec/Higher Nitec Result Transcripts (Softcopy)
  5. Certificate of Service or NS Exemption Letter - for males if applicable (Softcopy)
Step 5 WSDip
  • Shortlisted applicants will be invited for interview by participating company

List of Work-Study Diploma Courses

Choose from over 30 courses from 3 industry sectors to match your interest and career goals.