ITE offers a wide range of CET Skills courses for the upgrading needs of the workforce. These part-time courses are:

  • Higher National ITE Certificate (Higher Nitec)
  • National ITE Certificate (Nitec)
  • ITE Skills Certificate (ISC)

Under the Semester-based Credit System of Training (SCT), the courses are structured and offered as individual modules where credits are assigned to each module. You will have the flexibility of choosing modules according to your needs. Each module can be completed in 6 months under the regular part-time course. You will be awarded a module certificate for a module completed successfully in an examination.

Depending on demand, not all the modules in the CET Skills courses will be offered in each intake. Where the modules are offered and there is insufficient enrolment, the classes will be cancelled and a full refund will be given to the affected students.

Part-Time Nitec Courses

The CET qualification framework allows adult learners to obtain full ITE CET qualification in a shorter time for gainful employment or upgrading purpose. As compared to the full-time Nitec and Higher Nitec courses which are more broad-based in nature, the part-time courses are more job-specific focused to meet the immediate needs of working adults.  Each module, which is self-contained and has employable value, can be completed within a 6-month period.  Part-time students who have successfully completed all the required modules offered in the course of study will be awarded the Nitec in Technology/Services certificate. Module Certificates will be issued to part-time students for modules passed in each examination series.

By clicking on the course, you will see the duration, subjects covered, core and elective module details, specific entry requirements, occupational traits and functional ability requirements (if any), progression opportunities, career opportunities and related courses. Explore our part-time courses below.

Training Schedule

  • Evening classes – Lessons are held two evenings a week, from 1845 hours to 2145 hours.
  • Weekend classes – Lessons are held once a week, from 0900 hours to 1600 hours.