Find out about our grading system and how to calculate GPA in the following section.

Core, Specialisation and Elective Modules


* 'DISTINCTION' grade is awarded to the top 5% of the Higher Nitec and Nitec students who sat for the module and scored Grade 'A'. The 'DISTINCTION' grade is not applicable to the Industry Attachment (IA), Lifeskills and other modules, as stated in the Assessment Scheme.

ISC Distinction Pass Fail

# The 'DS/P/F' grades are only applicable for ISC courses. 

'P/F' grades are only applicable to cross-level electives, diploma electives, special project electives, overseas electives, selected Joint ITE-Industry electives and any other modules as stated in the Assessment Scheme.

Life Skills Core and Elective Modules

Life Skills Core modules are graded and counted towards GPA while Life Skills Elective modules are not counted towards GPA. 

Life Skills Grade

The elective modules under Interdisciplinary Studies I and II are graded as follows:


Grade Point Average (GPA)

The Grade Point Average (GPA) represents your current standing in the programme of study. It is the ratio of the total grade points earned to total credits attempted to date. The final GPA score at the point of graduation determines your overall programme performance.

GPA Formula

The GPA includes all graded modules that are accountable for certification and excludes the following:

  • Modules assessed on Pass/Fail and Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory grading systems
  • Exempted modules



GPA Calculation V3