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Today’s professionals contend with a fast-paced economic climate, where personal and professional development is a need to succeed. Even as you pursue your career path, there are still numerous other opportunities to learn something new, to hone existing skills and to diversify your skillset. You not only advance in the workplace, but also tap your every potential.

ITE’s Short Courses provide opportunities for adult learners to acquire knowledge and skills for professional development and explore new interests for personal enrichment. These short programmes enable adult learners in Singapore to improve, wherever they are in life. We welcome fresh graduates eager to learn more, practising professionals who want to gain a competitive edge, parents who are keen to develop fresh skills, seniors who do not let their age get in the way of education, and everyone in between. With a diverse range of short-term courses, ITE enables you to explore different kinds of skillsets, from Virtual Reality to Basic Mandarin to Italian Cuisine.

For Personal and Professional Development

Apart from helping you progress in your organisation, our short courses are a comfortable way to ease you into a new hobby. Some adult learners experience apprehension in following through with full certification courses, and our part-time courses give them a glimpse of the subject they are interested in. Because of the brief duration, short courses are easily integrated into an adult learner’s busy schedule.

ITE Short Courses

A short course runs for several hours, and in some cases span a few days. ITE provides a training schedule for its short courses, so you can easily incorporate it into your personal schedule. View the training schedule to see the fees relevant to the public, as well as discounted fees for senior learners. Click on the course titles below and you will see an overview of the course, the class duration, schedule and SkillsFuture Course Reference Number where applicable.

Funding and Subsidy

Fees may be:

  • Subsidised up to 50% by the National Silver Academy for SG citizens aged 50 and above
  • Subsidised through the Union Training Assistance Programme for NTUC members
  • Eligible for training assistance through the Skills Development Fund for sponsoring companies
  • Payable with the SkillsFuture Credits for SG citizens aged 25 and above

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