Dear students,

While Covid-19 has posed many challenges these past two years, ITE stays resolved to adapt and innovate such that you can benefit from the full ITE experience of  Hands-on experientialtraining in high-tech authentic training facilities, Minds-on learning to build a strong foundation for your future  and Hearts-on activities  to enrich and you to become passionate, confident and caring individuals.


Refreshed and New Curricular Structure

ITE reviews and updates all skills content in the Nitec and Higher Nitec courses offered to you as we want to ensure skills currency and relevance to the industry. This will also enable ITE graduates to transit smoothly into the workplace or pursue further skills upgrading through the diploma offerings at ITE (Work-study diploma and Technical diploma) or at the polytechnics.


Some of you will be embarking on the new 3-year Curricular Structure that leads directly to a Higher Nitec certification. Year 1 students will learn broad foundation skills needed for the chosen industry and Year 2 and Year 3 students will take more specialised modules as students begin to choose their preferred career and area of specialisation in the industry sector. Workplace learning through internship in Year 2 and 3 will enable students to gain industry exposure and work-ready skills.


Gearing up for a Digital and AI-Enabled Economy

We want to better prepare you for the digital economy that is also powered by Artifical Intelligence (AI). As such, all first-year students will be taking a short module on Basic AI. We have also infused digital skills such as data analytics, automation, cybersecurity and AI use into relevant courses.


We are excited to be part of your journey of learning and discovery and I am confident you will find the ITE experience an enriching one.

Chief Executive Officer