It is the start of a new decade and for some of you, a fresh start in your education journey!

At ITE, we strive to make learning both enjoyable, yet relevant to your future career. We do this by bringing your future workplace to our campuses. And because the transition from school to career is a big one, we try to make it smoother by designing our courses with you in mind.

Skilling Singapore’s Workforce

ITE offers close to 100 courses at three state-of-the-art Colleges. These courses are grouped in career clusters – Applied & Health Sciences, Business & Services, Design & Media, Electronics & InfoComm Technology, Engineering and Hospitality. Our industry recognised certificates in these skill areas have helped graduates and adult learners enjoy better job prospects and career progression.

Besides Nitec and Higher Nitec level courses, we also offer Diploma level courses. We now have three Technical Diploma courses offered in partnership with prestigious overseas institutions, and 30 ITE Work-Study Diplomas jointly developed and conducted by our industry partners and ITE.

To provide more pathways and wider choices for skills progression, we have increased the spectrum of Higher Nitec courses and the number of Traineeship courses. We have also made it possible for those who demonstrate interest and aptitude to join a course, through our Early Admissions Exercise. We have done all this so new students and ITE graduates alike can look forward to upgrading their skills, regardless of learning styles.

Workplace@Campus, Campus@Workplace

The new generation of workers are expected to work in a fast-evolving future economy. This requires you to be adaptive and agile. So we built your future workplace within our campuses and created opportunities for you to immerse and work in companies through internships. This way, you will be able to contribute to your workplace as soon as you graduate.

How do we do this? We co-create our authentic learning facilities with our industry partners. This allows us to mirror the latest technologies and work processes. Just look at some of our newest additions:

  • Our new Airport Premium Lounge is equipped with the latest aviation amenities.
  • The Digital and Advanced Manufacturing Living Labs are capable of cloud computing, machine-to-machine learning, big data analytics and predictive maintenance.
  • The high-tech Internet of Things (IoT) Experiential Centre, which allows students to experience various job scopes of an IoT specialist, such as sensor installation and calibration, data storage and visualisation.
  • The Robotic Process Automation Laboratory is a training centre set up to empower students to acquire hands-on, in-demand automation skills through specially-designed curricula, RPA software platforms, support forums and collaboration tools.
  • Our Wellness Centre boasts of an aromatherapy room and a bespoke barber shop to cater to the increased demand for such services.

Our system also provides you with opportunities to develop your soft skills, such as communication, problem-solving, digital literacy, service-orientation and a global mindset. These will complement the technical skills you pick up during your education journey at ITE. So whichever skill area or progression pathway you choose, we assure you that you will get the skills and competencies you need to secure good employment and make progress in your career and life.

We wish you all the best as you discover the ‘joy of doing and learning’ at ITE.

Chief Executive Officer