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Embark on a boundless journey for self-discovery at ITE College Central. Join the vibrant and dynamic college life! Be it releasing your creative juices, unleashing your inner talent, developing your potential or simply to pique an interest in a new area, there are plenty of opportunities that await you.

Choose from over 90 CCAs from 7 development tracks - Arts, Community Service, Environment, Global Citizenship, Innovation & Enterprise, Leadership, Personal Development and Sports.

Our CCA Success Stories

Find out more about how being in a CCA helps develop you as a person and a leader through the stories of our alumni!

Audio Visual Production Management Club (AVPM)

​If you are keen to know how live concerts and performances are produced, join the AVPM Club. Be part of the exciting crew supporting Audio Visual & Stage Management Services during College Central's Vibrancy Activities. With the exciting involvement at various events within the College, you get to expand your social skills network and develop leadership. Furthermore, the hands-on exposure and opportunities allows you to deploy it as a career in Entertainment & Event Management Industry.

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Batidas Centro 

We are ITE College Central's very own Brazilian Percussion Team! With active members and alumni from amateur to professional level, we are all about creating a distinctive Brazilian sound with an emphasis on creativity, teamwork, and leadership!

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Campus Radio

Campus Radio endeavours to become a dynamic, vibrant and fun radio station in ITE College Central. As a student-run organisation, Campus Radio produces professional quality, diversified radio programming for ITE College Central through operating within the established mission of ITE.

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Central Breakers
Central Breakers

Central Breakers is the BBboy/BGirl CCA of Central. It aims to expose the culture of Hip-Hop to ITE CC and to the public as an important form of movement that emphasizes on a balance of Knowledge and Fun. They also aim to provide training of the body and the mind through dance. No prior experience needed!

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Central KPOP Dance (CKD)

​A dynamic CCA for like-minded individuals keen in KPOP and different genres of dance. The team has developed a strong team of student and alumni choreographers who have gone on to clinch many awards including housing the Top teams for Rookie of the Year, Teenage KPOP Dance Challenge and Super 24 in recent years. 

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Central Independent Musicians Club

A platform for musicians to exhibit their creativity, originality and uniqueness through music. Central Independent Musicians Club (CIMC) offers a great conducive environment for every individual to grow. We focus on letting our musicians create their very own original content and allowing their minds to roam free and explore all the possibilities in music. Apart from that, we are a family with the same passion and goal, to perform and create.

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Central Music Club

Central Pop is part of the Central Music Club and consists of a full acoustic band and a stable vocalists. Their repertoire ranges from pop, soft rock to jazz and Latin beats! Central Acoustic is a popular choice for many internal and corporate events. 

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Dikir Barat Club

Ardi Arjuna (Boys Team) x Ardwinda (Girls Team)
Dikir Barat Central’s aim is to expose and develop students in the traditional Malay culture and arts scene in particular to Dikir Barat, where it has traditionally been a platform for providing guidance, moral values of the Malay culture. Students will learn the importance of teamwork, coordination, resilience, discipline and leadership. Our girls team is the current reigning E-PSS overall champion and our individual musicians, vocalists and chorus for both teams have had much success over the years at the PSS and E-PSS competitions.

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Film Appreciation Club

FilmAppreicationThe club screens critically acclaimed short films and movies from various countries and consequently engage members in critical analysis and open discussions to develop a greater critical appreciation for films. Student also develop an in-depth sense of story development, dramatic evolution and gain an insight to the craft behind film-making. Members are given the opportunity to develop these skills in hopes that they can use them for their own film-making projects.

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Guitar Club

Listening to music is enjoyable...but making music is more exciting and satisfying! Experience the happiness and achievement when you can play and sing or a chance to show off your talent at gatherings and events. So why not join us and be an aspiring star in you!

Grooming & Modeling Club

The club organises events related to fashion industry like workshops for make-up, fashion styling, personal grooming and talks by professionals. In addition, they aim to assist and provide opportunities for students to develop their own potential in grooming and modelling and establish a close network for students with complementing professional skills and interests.

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Latin Dance

Latin dancing, as Latin music, is classy and physical. Quick paced rhythms and playful movements make the various Latin dances endlessly entertaining, sometimes even breath-taking.

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Le Host 

LeHostIf you want to build self confidence, host school and external events and make lots of new friends....then this is a club for YOU!!

Join us for some fun and exciting training sessions where you will learn the right skills and techniques to deliver powerful formal and informal presentations.

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Lion Dance

LionDance_sWant to be involved with a traditional art form while building your body up physically? Join the ITE College Central Lion Dance Club and be part of a long established tradition of Chinese culture. Members will be put through a set of physical exercises to condition them for the basic stunts that are required for lion dancing. They would also be taught how to manoeuvre the lion head to portray various emotions as well as how to play the drum and the cymbals, which are an integral part of lion dancing.

Besides the weekly trainings, performances, outings, competitions and overseas skills exchange programmes can be arranged for members. We have engaged the services of some of the best instructors in Singapore to train you in the Fatt San lion dance.

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Malay Dance (Tra'irat)

Students will be exposed to various type of traditional dances as well as contemporary dance. Tra'irat focuses on artistic excellence and promoting creativity and evolving Malay dance culture.

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Media Makers

A club for aspiring media content creators to hone their skills and get exposure by participating in the pre-production, production and post-production. Members learn the basic of framing and composition, and to tell stories through photos.


Photography Club

Members will be trained in Basic & Advanced Photography skills on mobile. In addition, field trips will also be organised for members to pick up hands-on photography skills.

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PlayArtActivities include - Mixed Media Drawing and Painting (acrylic, watercolour, ink), Mosaic Art, Pottery, Batik Painting, Shoes/ T-shirt Painting, Print Making, Paper Cutting and many more.

- Learn different art forms
- Opportunity to work on major projects and contribute to the art pieces around campus
- Create souvenirs for VIPs visiting ITE and Showcase during art exhibitions.
- Unleash creativity, explore designing skills, develop patience, build team-spirit and  improve confidence level
- make many new friends and have heaps of fun!

Urban Central Statements (Hip Hop Dance)


Urban Central Statements (UCS) is ITE College Central's Hip Hop Dance team, a dance family who strongly believes in using dance to make a statement. UCS has developed many amateur and professional student and alumni choreographers and has a repertoire that include Lyrical Hip Hop, Street Jazz, BBoy, Locking etc.

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ITE Concert Band

The ITE Concert band draws on fresh talents from the 3 ITE colleges. The band has represented ITE in numerous events, including both local and overseas competitions. The pinnacle of the band’s achievements was the attainment of the Gold Award with Honours (Open Category) at the 3rd National Band Competition in 2010. The highlight of the band’s activities is Musica Fantasia - the band’s annual concert series.

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ITE Jazz Orchestra

Made up of a very ardent and passionate group of present and past students together with a Lecturer, the ITE Jazz Orchestra currently consists of instrumentation as diverse as having flutes, clarinets, and sometimes a euphonium as its set-up with a repertoire that focuses strictly on jazz, covering swing, bossa and samba. It has on several occasions included singers to enhance collective diversities and sound colours so as to provide audiences with a choice of different jazz options.

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ITE Modern Dance


The group is the only dance team in ITE that explores the contemporary and jazz genre. They have performed at the annual ITE Dance Emblazon productions, and have gone overseas to perform, representing ITE in Hong Kong at the International Students' Seminar. 

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ITE Show Choir

The ITE Show Choir is arguably Singapore's most sought-after Show Choir; having collaborated with top local pop artists like Charlie Lim, Gareth Fernandez, Joanna Dong, The Sam Willows and most recently, Benjamin Kheng. 3 months ago, the group represented Singapore at the Busan Choral Festival and Competition in Korea and came in 4th place. The team is a regular fixture on Esplanade's public shows and have represented Singapore overseas. 

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ITE That Acapella Group (TAG)

TAG has reigned champions of the college category over many years at the National A Cappella Championships, from 2012 to 2018. They have represented Singapore at the Busan Choral Festival and Competition in 2012 and 2014, performing to international audiences. The team holds regular performances at Esplanade, and were part of Mediacorp's Sing Sing Singaporeans series in 2014. 

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ITE Theatrical Ensemble


ITE Theatrical Ensemble (TE) is the drama wing of CEMTA. Since 2012, we have been actively creating works that talk about issues that we feel strongly for. Every year, we create 2 productions , "Seasons" and "Chapters", either producing original works or renown scripts (both local and international). We aim to represent young adults and those who do not have the platform to be heard. Lastly our motto is "To Create & Have Fun!" 

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Buddy-In (Befriending)

Buddy-In is a perfect platform for students to forge sincere friendships with a shared mission of reaching out to youths who need companionship and inspire others to be equally inclusive in society. Buddy-In is perfect for those who are empathetic and love helping others!

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Care & Repair Club 


The Care & Repair Club contributes to the community through hands-on skills and activities that include caring for needy elderly and families in the community through conducting home repairs and installations in their homes. Mlearn how to handle power tools and hand tools to carry out these home improvements. Through these service-learning activities, the club inculcates a caring and compassionate attitude in our students to become socially responsible youths.

Community Service Club

Community Service Club (CSC) strives to nurture compassion for the greater good through volunteerism. Through partnership with organisations such as Lion befrienders, AWWA, Sun Love Home and Comnet Senior Services, CSC organises care projects and activities to reach out and generate well-being for the community. CSC is also an active partner in the Purple Parade Movement. The club also celebrate festive seasons with the seniors in Homes and Senior Activity Centres, and run programmes for underprivileged students at care centres. 

If you have a passion for volunteering join CSC and contribute to growing a caring community together.

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Rotaract Club

Rotaract is a Rotary-sponsored service, leadership and community service organization for young men and women with the aim of providing an opportunity for young men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills, and for personal development and growth. The club looks into the physical and social needs of their communities and to promote better relations through fellowship. Rotaract provides an avenue for members to participate in fun, meaningful service projects while developing leadership skills and meeting new friends.

Projects include:

  • Becoming befrienders, organizing performances, games, festive celebrations and outings to elderly centres;
  • Overseas volunteering/training opportunities;
  • Team building/workshop for the Rotaractors;
  • Fellowship programmes with local and/or overseas sister clubs.

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ECO Club


The ECO Club aims to promote an awareness of the environment through creative and innovative project. Students will be able to appreciate the environment they live in, and be exposed to matters related to green environment, such as green Singapore, global warming, energy saving and many other related matters.

With this aim, members generate creative ideas to save the environment through the common motto, Recycle, Reuse & Reduce. Through projects and participations in various activities, members are cognizant of current environmental issues.

Greenery Club 

The Greenary Club helps promote a Green Singapore. Members will be given the opportunity to visit the various places of interest such as Tree Top Walk, Newater and Marina Barrage. Members also learn to make terrarium, maintain community garden and participate in recycling campaigns and competitions.

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3D Printing Club

​The club aims to provide the opportunities for students to acquire knowledge and skills about 3D printing technology. They will be given the essential skills in creating 3D models using design software, then translating the CAD models into various print formats and operating the 3D printers to build the physical models.

Aero Design Club 

Our club hopes to cultivate the students in self-discipline, patience, hands-on skills and attention in details through aircraft scale modeling. In terms of knowledge, they are able to identify and learn the different functionality of aircraft parts. Students are also able to learn different skillsets such as

  • Reading and interpreting instructions on assembling
  • Perform surface preparation for gluing and painting
  • Setup and operating airbrushes for paint application
  • Perform weathering and decaling

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Cyber Games Club 

A competitive gaming club to train potential gamers to represent ITE for National or International Cybergaming Competitions, such as NEGC, World Cyber Games competition.

Student will also learn how to be a healthy gamer through healthy gaming practices. This club is partnered & supported by various local game distributors such as Garena, TT eSports, AsiaSoft & IAH Games.

Entrepreneurship Club 

ENTClub believes in cultivating a safe, fun and enriching environment for our members to grow together. Club activities include collaborative projects with external organisations, entrepreneurship competitions, entrepreneurship programmes, overseas programmes and operating entrepreneurship booths at major College and external events.

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Epitome Club 

Epitome showcases the BEST capabilities, products and services across the 3 ITE colleges. ​In Epitome Club you get to LEARN, earn CCA POINTS and REALWORK at the same time! Members are able to build entrepreneurship skills in a genuine Retail environment. Members also gain hands-on experience on merchandising ITE products, customer service and even get a change to assist Epitome Management in administration and supervisory duties!

HR Club

Keen to learn more about Human Resource and its role in a workplace? Join the ITE College Central HR Club and be part of the many exciting activities that will empower students in training, self-development and career opportunities.


Investment Club 

This club aims to equip students with a basic understanding of finance and investments via learning sessions, talks by industry leaders, finance-related board games and competitions. We also let our students experience real-life investing via simulated programmes.

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Maritime Club 

Maritime Club promotes greater awareness of the maritime industry to current and potential students. Maritime Club aims to instill and educate students to learn more about the maritime industry hence pursuing careers in the industry.

The club incorporates astronomy as one of the activities. This club is open to all students in ITE who is interested in the Maritime industry.

Media Smart Club 

Club members also known as MSC ambassadors at the ITE College will champion Cyber Wellness and Media Literacy messages and values, drive positive and responsible behaviour on the new media platforms and run activities related to Cyber Wellness and Media Literacy to other students.

Robotics Club 


The Robotics Club aims to expose students to Robotics Technology through the use of the latest Lego Mindstorms EV3 robotics kit. Members of the club will learn to design, construct and program the robots to perform specific set of tasks and instructions. They will also be given ample opportunities to further develop their potential by applying the acquired skills and knowledge on a variety of competitions at national level. Through competitions, students will learn to adopt \think out of the box mindset, enhance their leadership skills and team work and develop a CAN DO attitude to achieve the given objectives.

Bridge Leaders


As a Bridge Leader (BL), you can develop your leadership & interpersonal skills!

Roles & Responsibilities of BL:

  • Help new students who need help in personal, social and emotional transition to begin their academic journey in ITE.
  • Provide peer support to students who are having problems adapting to the campus life
  • Encourage interaction among peers by running a myriad of activities at school-level such as team bonding games and competition to show care to your fellow students

Note: Students interested to join Bridge Leaders (BLs) will need to be nominated and recommended by their Class Advisors.

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Peer Support Leaders


Peer Support Leaders are a group of students who serve the school in providing valuable peer-to-peer support to allow timely interventions. Leaders are individuals with good character and the heart to serve others. They will work closely with the student counsellors in advocating for and creating a more caring and supportive school community.

Peer support leaders are able to identify problems that their friends might be facing and can act as a bridge between the student body and the school staff.

Leaders will look out for friends/schoolmates who may require additional support, provide a listening ear to them and link them to relevant help/services such as class advisor, student care officers, learning support specialists, financial assistance etc. and to alert relevant parties to the needs of students.

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Student Council


The Student Council represents the student body in the college and serve as a bridge between the students and College Management.

We are keen to discover potential talents for the Student Council (SC) which provides personal development, exposure and training in leadership, as well as opportunities to serve and lead at school, college and even national events. Through the planning and organising of projects, such as Anti-Drug awareness carnivals and sports meets, students can also further develop in character, communication and interpersonal skills. We cultivate your ideas and voices, forging friendships and serving others as we lead!

Note: Applicants will require a recommendation by the Class Advisor, before undergoing a selection interview.

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Student Icons


Student Icons (SI) is a fun and interactive Leadership CCA that specializes in reaching out to potential ITE students as well as members of the public through hosting secondary student visitors around the campus, and creating social media content for @itecollegecentral on happenings and events on campus. The CCA provides opportunity for students to host and film videos during school events and create creative and relevant content the college Instagram IGTV. Through SI, members build confidence and develop leadership skills through leadership workshops, exposure to nation-wide events like National Day Rally/ Investiture, overseas Youth Expedition Programme (YEP) projects and also have fun team bonding sessions to places like Superpark or Rock Climbing! In addition, SI works closely with the other leadership CCAs like Student Council and Bridge Leaders for events and activities.

Through this CCA, students forge friendships, expand their social circle with other student leaders through network and gain leadership skills such as problem-solving and communication skills.

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#Happiness Movement Club


Be Happy, Be Yourself, Be the Cheer!
Join us to learn techniques and tips to be mindful. Experience mindfulness through breathing, walking and being yourself. Spread the good and happy vibes in meaningful ways to make an impact on others.


Balloon Sculpting Club 


Learn Balloon Twisting as a fun and relaxing hobby - from simple animal designs to balloon dresses and balloon archs.

Board Games Club 

Mission: To unite members and encourage communication and interaction through gaming

Vision: To promote social interaction, bonding and healthy gaming

Blaster Lab

​​​​​​​The objective of this CCA club is to engage club members in the field of foam dart blaster research, design and application. They will get first hand exposures to current design trends in this industry. They will have the opportunity to learn about designing and producing blaster and accessories in the areas of electronic and mechanical structures.

This club will participate in local marksmanship competition and organize team bonding games.

ITECC Primers (Boys Brigade) 


The PRIMERS is a structured post-secondary school programme administered by the Boys’ Brigade in Singapore. It offers a diverse range of fun experiences, from adventure expeditions to leadership development, as well as community service. The ITE Central PRIMERS is open to all MALE & FEMALE, age 17 to 20, first CCA, with or without BB background.

Our ITECC Primers programme will include the following activities throughout your 2 to 3 years with us;

  • Our very own Bagpipe & Drum Band,
  • Boys Brigade Share-a-gift (Community service in December),
  • Primers Challenge Adventure Camp (4day3night @ Malaysia) or other Adventure based activities,
  • Happy Children, Happy Future (Community Service),
  • NYAA Gold, President's Award & Anchor Award related activities,
  • Leadership position & opportunities, & many more!

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CD LionHearters Club 

The Lionhearters Club is established to provide assistance for on-campus incidents and to promote Emergency Preparedness to the public.

Craft and Unfold 


The objectives of this CCA club are to encourage interest and participation in making paper crafts as gift among students. Though the materialization of these 3D paper craft work, we hope to build positive self-identity and self confidence in our students.

The club is also involved in community services eg. conducting lessons for the elderly and less fortunate.

Educareer Ambassadors Club

This is a student-led club for self and others to identify, plan and achieve education and career goals. This is a support group for goal-getters (Visionary & Achiever).

The members of the club will be ambassadors/ advocators to promote Education & Career Guidance (ECG) services and spread ECG messages (to peers); be mentored by ECGCs on education and career related matters; manage ECG events/activities; conduct/ co-conduct ECG trainings/ talks; enjoy privileges (priority/ discount) for college workshops/ events/ activities/ learning journey and assist in running the ECG Centre.

Event Management Club 


The Event Management Club aims to:

  • Develop values, character, skills and leadership through authentic events management and activities.
  • Provide a multitude of platforms for students to gain first-hand experience in conceptualizing, planning and executing events.
  • Provide students with leadership opportunities to confidently create and plan engaging events for target groups.

The club organises signature internal events including a leadership programme known as EVM Gems, an appreciation lunch to appreciate outgoing committee members for their dedication to the club, as well as Youth Clash Tournament, to bring students together for a day of bonding and fun. These events provide leadership and volunteer management opportunities.

The Club also has a series of community events under the EVM Cares section, where members provide volunteering activities for students to create and plan engaging activities such as sing-a-long sessions, games, arts and craft for target groups.

Through established partnership, EVM Club also collaborates with valued industry partners in providing opportunities for students to gain experience and exposure to the event industry.

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Floristry Club 


The Club aims to encourage and promote the art of flower arrangement among members as a hobby and as a form of relaxation. Members will be able to discover the exciting world of flower arrangements. Students will help to support college events by adding the finishing touch to any event venue and will be given the opportunity to work in bouquet at epitome.

Students will learn:

  • The elements and principles of floral arranging
  • Usage of flowers and foliage
  • The mechanics of arranging flowers in vases, foams, baskets
  • The making of Hand-held bouquets


Foosball, also known as table soccer, is an awesome game of skill, speed, strategy and fun.

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Hobby Craft Club

If you enjoy spending leisure time creating niche crafts and special gifts for loved ones, come join the Hobby Craft Club! You will be taught skills and techniques in the creation of crafts. You will also assist to prepare fashion accessories for Epitome and charity sales. There will be opportunities to exercise your entrepreneurship skills in manning push-carts or booths.

Hobby Craft Club conducts fun sessions for the following:

  • Scrapbooking
  • Cross-stitch
  • Decoupage
  • Embroidery
  • Beads Jewellery
  • Crystal Jewellery
  • Recycled Jewellery
  • Glass Painting


Japanese Pop Culture Research Club 

The Japanese Pop Culture Research Club (JPCRC) offers you the chance to immerse yourself in Japanese culture! We have four divisions, focusing on different aspects of the culture: Culture, Cosplay, Manga, and Dance.

  • The Culture division focuses on almost any Japanese related topics you can think of, from food, to history, to even anime!
  • In the Cosplay division, you will learn how to do make-up, fix broken props and how to do adjustments to your cosplays.
  • The Manga division offers you the chance to learn about a myriad of styles and techniques, and basic knowledge to get you started on drawing!
  • In the Dance division, you will learn mostly about hip hop dance styles like Locking and House.

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Library Club 


The Library Club at Library@Central provides an authentic learning environment to develop student-librarians to realise their potential by building on their interests and strengths. Students seeking to unleash their creativity will find helping out in the Library’s thematic display meaningful; those who are keen in events management will be able to hone their skills in running the Library’s programmes; and students who are more inclined towards working with their hands will delight in helping out in shelving and processing. There is something for everyone!

The varied duties available to a student-librarian allow each student to find his or her skill sets. The Library Club also trains student-librarians in information literacy, an important skill set which will benefit them throughout their lives. 

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Miniature Hobby Club 

To draw students' interest in Miniature craft and to create an interest group among students who are interest in Scale modelling and Miniature clay sculpting.

Radio Control Club 


To develop responsible, caring and competent students through Motor Sport activities, possessing a sound understanding and deep appreciation of Motor Sport in a positive and holistic manner.

Specific Objectives:

1) Character Building

  • To instill good values (i.e, Responsible, Adaptability, Care & Excellence or RACE) in students through active engagement

2) Motor Sport Competencies

  • To create opportunities for students to participate in various RC Programmes / Racing
  • To heighten awareness of the Motor Sport fraternity in Singapore
  • To educate members on good driving habits, legitimate RC racing, proper modification of cars and being responsible road users
  • To equip students with the relevant skills and competencies demanded of Motor Sport RC racing, enhancing their skill-specific domains such as reflex, spontaneity, dexterity, eye-hand coordination and mental strength

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The Club aims:

  • To provide learning and expressing values of service care, perseverance, resilience, respect among Sparrow CCA members.
  • To build well-rounded individuals and contribute effectively to society and the nation
  • To groom students to develop personal qualities through NYAA bronze 3 criteria - service learning, outdoor appreciation and healthy living.

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Sports Fishing Club 

The objectives of this CCA is to promote sports fishing as a healthy lifestyle, educating future anglers sustainable practices in fishing and most importantly to educate them how to preserve and care for the natural environment.

St. John Ambulance Brigade

ITE College Central St.John Ambulance Brigade will provide leadership training, First Aid and safety awareness programs and organize Adult First Aid course for the members. Members will be able to render first aid for injuries sustained at the workplace or at home. He/she will be able to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and other emergency first aid measures in life-threatening situations. Our members were actively involved in the internal events in ITE campuses as well as external events.

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Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Club 


Unmanned Aerial System, commonly known as "Drone" - a vertical take-off aircraft remotely control by an operator on ground.

Our club provides training in the following:

  • Basic Drone operator Training
  • Video/photography using drone
  • Do-it-yourself (Build your own drone)
  • Drone maintenance and servicing 
Yoga Club 


The Yoga Club promotes positive mental and physical well-being of ITECC students. This mind-body activity is focused on mindfulness to improve their relationship within the school community and the students and the community-at-large. Lastly, this Student Club provides an approachable indoor physical activity for students of varying fitness levels.

  • Introduce mindfulness
  • Promote physical and mental wellness
  • Provide an approachable indoor physical activity for students of varying fitness levels

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The Badminton Club is a CCA for students who possess a strong interest in the sport. Students with playing experience and display good commitment in training will be invited to represent College Central in ITESC Games and other tournaments.

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Feel the Passion, Love the Game!

ITECC Basketball CCA is looking for players who are willing to train both physically and mentally, and do their best for every training session and matches.



Team Central Bowling Club is a CCA sport club set up to promote bowling as an amateur sport as well as recreational activity for ITE-CC full time students.

Boxing Club


The Boxing Club trains member’s resilience through boxing activities. The club emphasizes on building discipline through fitness. Members will be taught basic boxing techniques and theories.

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CC Cuesports (Billiards)

The ITE CC Billiards CCA Club organizes mini-tournaments and represent the college in competitions. Our College Central's Billiards Centre consists of a total of 18 tables, which includes 3 XingPai snooker tables, 11 "9ft-Tables" and 4 "7ft-tables" which are also known as challenger tables.

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The club support students' holistic education in providing them a platform and opportunity to:

  • Discover and develop their interest and talents while developing values such as discipline, teamwork and resilience,
  • Promote friendships among students from diverse backgrounds, and
  • Foster social integration and deepen students' sense of belonging and commitment.

Esports brings together students with common interest in gaming and allows them to develop strong bonds with their teammates. The club foster socialisation skills and promotes communication in an organised tournament context where communication is essential to victory.

Fencing Club


Learn Fencing, a creative and holistic sport with many benefits:

  • Strengthen physical fitness by developing coordination, dexterity, strength and balance.
  • Promote strategic and critical thinking skills, mental agility, and the ability to think on your feet.
  • Acquire discipline, resilience and to learn to bounce back from defeats.
  • Gain self-confidence from skill mastery and participating in tournaments and friendly competitions.
  • Develop good sportsmanship and respect for others.

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Fitness Club 


The Fitness Club trains and engage members on weights training, fitness training and Fitness talks, workshop and seminars. Members will also be trained in First Aid and learn more about health and nutrition. The club also exposes students to fitness and sports competitions.

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The Floorball Club is for students who are passionate in the game and have prior playing experience. Members are encouraged to be strongly ccommited to training. Selected players may have representation opportunities in the following highly regarded competitions:

  • Institute of Education Sports Council (ITESC) Games, and/or
  • Polytechnic-Institute of Education (POL-ITE) Games, and/or
  • Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Games, and/or

If you have what it takes and are hungry for growth, join ITECC Floorball.

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Join the Handball Club and experience this awesome game! No experience in Handball? No worries, come join us to learn this new sport. Students with playing experience and display good commitment in training will be invited to represent College Central in National Handball Leagues, POL-ITE Games, Invitational Handball Games & etc.

ITE Cycling@CC

We organize rides, workshops, tours and any bicycle related activities. Enjoy the life in 2 wheels!

Karate Club 


Goju-ryu Karate Fitness Concept is a martial arts school offering Karate-do training that improves ones agility, flexibility, strength and co-ordination. Goju-Ryu Karate-do is a practice of the hard and gentle style of Karate-do providing a well balanced approach to the art of self-defense.


Come join the College Central Netball Club. We have a series of exciting activities for you. Students with playing experience, passionate, committed and display good attitude will be invited to represent ITE in the ITESC, POL-ITE and other netball leagues conducted by Netball Singapore.

Girls Team only

Rock Climbing 


Join us to build your self confidence in overcoming heights and meeting new challenges. Physical training and bouldering activities are conducted twice weekly. 

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Rowing Club


Is it Canoeing, Kayaking, Dragon-boating?

No, it is none of the above. Rowing is different, because:

  • It is a TOTAL Body workout sport.
  • The movement is backwards (yes!)
  • It is a unique sport in Singapore (yet it is an Olympic sport)
  • It is considered one of the top 3 most challenging fitness sports around.

Come and try Rowing, for a different set of experience!

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Sailing Club 

Calling out to ALL College Central students who love:

  • Wind
  • Sea
  • Sun
  • Sang
  • Fitness

Sailing / Windsurfing is the Sport for YOU!

Sepak Takraw

Join us to pick the skill of playing the game as well to improve further through our twice weekly training.



Silat Training under basic talent identification will channel student to Artistic Silat or Sparring Silat category. Students who are more inclined to traditional silat appreciation will comes under Artistic category. Others will be placed under Sparring category. Sparring category will have different weight category for competition purposes. Both categories will do cross trainings to expose students to both applications.

Students with very good skills, technique and discipline may be recommended for training with the ITE-POLITE Silat Team for the Tertiary Pencak Silat Championship organised by Singapore Silat Federation.

Skate Club 

Interested in learning to skateboard or rollerblading? The Club organises weekly training sessions for both beginners and advanced skaters to improve our skill level together. Skate outings are also organised on regular basis.

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The club provides opportunities for members to develop and improve your Soccer Skills and realize your potential through our regular training programme. Through hard work, focus and discipline and teamwork, you will be able to perform to your highest level of performance in the sports of Soccer!


ITE College Central Swimming CCA has a vision of having intense training but also making it fun together with some bonding activities, with the help of friendly swimmers around to not only help out one another but also to make intense training much more interesting and memorable. Alongside with being able to experience different exposure from a wide range of variation in competition and holiday training to participate.


TaeKwonDo (TKD) originates from Korea. \Tae\ means foot, \Kwon\ means fist and \Do\ means the way of doing. So, literally Taekwondo means \the way of the foot and fist.

ITE Central TKD Club believes that TaeKwonDo is a moral pursuit requiring rules to be respected, dignity to be maintained, and value the strength of togetherness.

In ITE Central TKD Club, we aim to inculcate the values (T)eam-work, (K)indness and (D)etermination in our members. Selected members will represent ITE in the annual POL-ITE competition.



Tchoukball for Beginner and Advance Level. Prepare students for POL-ITE Tournaments



Come join us in this beautiful game of tennis! Besides enjoying the game with your friends, we also prepare you to participate in the annual Tennis POL-ITE games.

Track & Field

Through participation we want to enhance our physical capabilities and inculcate values such as teamwork and instill discipline on & off the track. Promotes inter-racial harmony.

Ultimate Frisbee


Ever thought of trying out a unique co-ed team sport that is self-refereed? A fast pace, non-contact sport that is a mixture of all the greatest sports?

Look no further, join the Ultimate Frisbee team! No experience? No worries. We got you covered. Get to meet new friends and join the latest sport craze!



We provide opportunities for members to develop and realize their Volleyball playing potential through hard work, focus, discipline and teamwork to their highest level of performance in the sport of Volleyball.

Wing Chun

Martial Arts for developing and nurturing students both mentally and physically, so as to achieve character excellence and resilience in life.


The club allows members to:

  • Practice the basic steps of wushu.
  • Build up self-confidence & self-discipline.
  • Improve one’s health as well as enhance physical qualities such as strength, agility and flexibility.