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Forms for Admission to Full-time Courses

For National Service (NS) DefermentDownload Link
Eligibility for NS Deferment FormNS Deferment Form
For Medical ExaminationDownload Link
Medical Examination Form for Nitec in Asian Culinary ArtsMedical_ACA
Medical Examination Form for Nitec in Beauty & WellnessMedical_BTW
Medical Examination Form for Nitec in Community Care & Social ServicesMedical_CSS
Medical Examination Form for Nitec in Fitness TrainingMedical_FTG
Medical Examination Form for Nitec in Hair Fashion & DesignMedical_HFD
Medical Examination Form for Nitec in Hospitality OperationsMedical_HPO
Medical Examination Form for Nitec in NursingMedical_NCN
Medical Examination Form for Nitec in Pastry & BakingMedical_PBK
Medical Examination Form for Nitec in Western Culinary ArtsMedical_WCA
Medical Examination Form for Higher Nitec in Beauty & Wellness ManagementMedical_BSP
Medical Examination Form for Higher Nitec in Culinary ArtsMedical_CA
Medical Examination Form for Higher Nitec in Early Childhood EducationMedical_ECH
Medical Examination Form for Higher Nitec in Paramedic & Emergency CareMedical_PEC
Medical Examination Form for Higher Nitec in Pastry & BakingMedical_PBK
Medical Examination Form for Technical Diploma in Culinary ArtsMedical_TDCA

GIRO Forms

For Payments from ITE
For Full-time Students
For Part-time/Other StudentsDownload GIRO Form With Bank Document as Supporting
For Vendors
  • Vendors that are not registered with Vendors@Gov are required to download and fill in this form.
  • ITE full-time students will only need to use this form if a copy of the bank statement or bank book is not available to be uploaded when filling the above online GIRO form.
Download GIRO Form with Bank Endorsement
For Payments to ITE
All types

Download GIRO Form


For Payments from ITE 
Students can now receive payments from ITE via PayNow. To do so, you will need to register your NRIC on PayNow with your bank.

PayNow is currently offered by the following banks:

Please contact your bank if you have issues registering for a PayNow account with your NRIC.

PSEA Standing Order Form

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