Important Dates to Note

College students with module results in the following exam series are to note the dates below:




March 2024

exam series



June 2024

exam series

Release Date of Module Results30 March 2024 (Saturday), from 8:00am24 June 2024 (Monday), from 8:00am
Closing Date for Application of Review of Module Results12 April 2024 (Friday)08 July 2024 (Monday)
Digital Certificate / Academic Transcript uploaded to MySkillsFuture Skills Passport* From 10 May 2024 (Friday), 12:00pm onwards

From 05 August 2024 (Monday), 12:00pm onwards

Hard copy certificates not collected within 1 year from the date of issue will be destroyed and will not be re-issued.

* Weblink to ITE e-Services for Digital Certificates: Digital Certificates for ITE Graduates