At ITE, we design our curriculum and programmes with our students in mind.


If you learn best by doing and experiencing, our unique 'Hands-on, Minds-on, Hearts-on'™ education is the way to go for you! We have a nurturing environment and caring lecturers to help you rediscover the joy of learning.


Unique Hands-on, Minds-on, Hearts-on™College Education

Our holistic education aims to give you an all-round development through:

  • Hands-on training to equip you with employable skill sets
  • Minds-on learning to develop you into an independent-thinking and highly adaptable individual
  • Hearts-on learning to nurture you into a person who has passion for what you do, has self-belief and who cares for the community and society

As an ITE student, you’ll get to practise what you have learnt. We integrate theory with practice through coursework, industry exposure, projects and experiential learning. Our aim is for you to become an all-rounded 'Career-Ready, Life-Ready and World-Ready' graduate.

Real World, Real Work Learning

Nothing beats learning from real life professionals. ITE’s courses are designed, in close consultation with industry, to ensure that you are equipped with work-ready skills relevant to changing industry needs when you graduate.


Industry internship is a key part of our technical education. You’ll spend three to six months in industry to gain valuable real work experience and important life skills through the Enhanced Internship Programme under the 'Campus@Workplace' approach. Our Lecturers will be constantly in touch with you, to ensure the success of your internship experience.

We work with industry to create authentic learning environments and facilities to mimic the ‘real world’ future workplace within our Colleges. Through collaboration with industry partners, we have set up various learning facilities like the Healthcare Simulation Training Centre@College East, Amber | West Training Restaurant, and Aerospace Hub@College Central. To make learning more engaging, we have introduced innovative ways of teaching and learning, through immersive AR and VR technology to simulate authentic industry environment that is difficult to physically simulate within campuses (e.g. offshore oil rig platform, aircraft/airport) . This is what we call our ‘Workplace@Campus’ learning approach.

Student Life – It’s Not All Work and No Play!

You’ll also enjoy a comprehensive range of learning facilities, such as high-tech learning spaces and digital learning approaches in our modern workshops and laboratories.

For amenities, we provide sports and recreational centres (gym, stadium and swimming pools), and performing arts studios and theatres.


Want to meet like-minded schoolmates and explore avenues to showcase your interests and talents? Take your pick from more than 100 Co-Curricular Activities available to enrich your life as a full-time student at ITE.


The Learning Never Stops


Started work and keen to upgrade your skills? In line with national SkillsFuture initiatives, ITE is committed to providing quality Continuing Education and Training (CET) courses to help equip you for life. CET learning options are delivered in an A.B.C. format – Accessible, Bite-size and Convenient, with classes conducted at night or during weekends to provide convenience to learners.


There are also recognised Work-Study Diploma programmes for ITE graduates and in-service workers with prerequisite skills. Our diploma graduates can look forward to applying to a related full-time or part-time degree programme at the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Institute of Technology and Singapore University of Social Sciences, subject to the admission requirements of the Universities.


Life @ ITE – It’s Truly Exciting!