General Services

 A) Student Concession Card

All ITE students under the Full-time and Traineeship programmes will be issued with a Student Concession Card.


It allows for concessionary travel on public buses, LRT and MRT for full-time students. The concession card also serves as a form of identification. Students MUST display their cards when they are in College.

You may refer to the following sections for more information if you wish to apply/extend or replace your ITE Student Concession Card.

B) Uniforms

Full-time students
must be properly attired in ITE uniforms or prescribed attires while in College during term time and at all ITE-organised activities, events or functions.

Trainees, under the ITE’s Traineeship Programme, attending Off-the-Job Training at ITE must be attired in either company uniform or ITE uniform. You may wish to refer to the following uniform pricing and sale locations for the various schools in each College.

Uniform Pricing 
Where to Buy
ITE College Central

JCS retail outlet (Block A, Level 1)

ITE College East

JCS@EAST retail outlet (Business Block, unit B01-15)

ITE College West

JCS@West retail outlet (Block 1, Level 3)

C) Student Insurance

There are three insurance schemes applicable for ITE full-time students as shown in table below:

Type of Policy For Factsheet/Form
Group Personal Accident (GPA)  All Full-time Students  FactsheetClaim form
Group Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance (GHSI)

a) Full-time International Students*

b) Health Science Students (i.e. Nitec in Nursing and Higher Nitec in Paramedic & Emergency Care)^

 Factsheet  /  Claim form
Work Injury Compensation (WIC) Insurance

All Full-time Students on Internships

 FactsheetClaim form

* GHSI(IS) is to help the students to defray hospitalisation expenses and enable them to overcome the need to put up a cash deposit at B1 class rates for hospitalisation in government and government restructured hospitals in Singapore. 
^ GHSI(Healthcare) provides coverage for hospitalisation expenses plus an outpatient rider for clinical attachments.

D) Locker Rental

College Locker Location Apply via:
ITE College Central Blocks H, J, K
(Levels 3 to 5)

MyLocker App in iStudent Portal


ITE College East Technology and Business Blocks

iStudent Portal

ITE College West Blocks 1-6

Students can approach their Class Advisors to apply for lockers.

Note: Usage of lockers are on a yearly basis and students will have to vacate their lockers by the end of their Year 1 course and reapply when the new term commences.

a) Locker allocation is based on a first-come-first-served basis.
b) Students are responsible for the safety and security of their belongings stored in the lockers. The College is not liable for any loss or damage to the belongings kept in the lockers.
c) Unauthorised use of lockers is strictly forbidden. The College shall have the authority to open the lockers and dispose of all property found within.

E) Wifi ID and Password

For more information on Wifi ID and Password, please click here.

F) Deferment of National Service (NS) for NS-Liable Males                                  

NS-liable males will be granted NS deferment for the pursuit of full-time studies at pre-university government-funded institutions including ITE if they attain a place and are pursuing a course for higher academic qualifications from what they have previously attained (e.g. from N/O Levels to Nitec/Higher Nitec, from Nitec to Higher Nitec or from  Nitec/Higher Nitec to ITE Work-Study Diploma/Technical Engineer Diploma/Technical Diploma courses) and NS deferment will no longer be subject to cut-off ages. For latest updates on NS deferment eligibility and policy, you can visit Students who are not eligible for NS deferment will need to withdraw from the course that they are enrolled in.

For more information on NS Disruption, please visit NS Disruption page.

G) Personal Learning Device (PLD)

For more information on PLD, please click here .

H) Office365  For Full-Time Students

The Microsoft Office ProPlus (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc) is available to existing full-time ITE students at no cost! We hope the Office suite will help you in your learning journey with us. For more information, please click  here.