Application for ITE Student Concession Card (New Student)

If you are a new student studying for the first time at ITE, you will need to submit a recent photo for the making of your ITE Student Concession Card. 

A) What do I need to upload?

The photo must:

Be in colour, taken against plain white background without shadow

  • Be taken within the last 3 months
  • Show the full face without headgear (see sample photo below)
  • Show that your hair is neatly combed or tied up and must be of natural colour and not showing any jewellery.          

ez-link student photo  Do ensure that your photo image file meets these TransitLink’s requirements:

  a) The photo must be saved in this format:  NRIC.jpg (e.g. T1234567A.jpg)
  b) The dimension of the photo image must be 240 x 320 pixels
  c) The file size should be about 150KB

  Do note that you cannot change the photo once submitted.



Click here for tools to resize the photo that meets the above criteria.

 B) How do I upload my photograph image?

During course acceptance, use the link provided for course acceptance to upload your photo. After course acceptance, upload your photo online at

C) When do I need to upload?

During course acceptance or within the first 3 weeks after term commenced.

For new Jan 2024 intake student, if you hold a valid MOE Secondary Concession Card and matriculated by 3 Jan 2024 (i.e. successfully accepted an ITE course in the system), you may extend the card till 31 Mar 2024 from 11 Jan 2024 through these channels:

  • SimplyGo Ticket Offices
  • SimplyGo Ticketing Service Centres (TSCs)
  • SimplyGo Kiosks
  • Assisted Service Kiosks
  • Top-Up Kiosks