Employ ITE Graduates for Full-Time Employment

As a major education institution which provides training to meet the skilled manpower needs of industries in Singapore, ITE recognises the importance of providing assistance and support to our graduates in their career development effort. We are specifically interested in assisting our graduates to take up careers which are related to their areas of training.

A) Work-Study Diploma

Employers can recruit skilled ITE graduates as full-time employee while they upgrade their skillset through ITE Work-Study Diploma programme. Click here for more information on ITE Work-Study Diploma.

B) On-Line Recruitment Service

Employers can post details of job opportunities in your companies at our national job portal, Employer (mycareersfuture.gov.sg).

C) Career Talks

We can assist employers who wish to engage ITE graduates through career talks to share career opportunities and industry background. We will refer your enquiries to the respective Schools / Course Managers for their consideration.

Please email us at csc@ite.edu.sg with the following details:

  • Target audience for the talk e.g. students from specific ITE course(s). 
  • Proposed topics for the talks
  • Company's full name and profile
  • Possible career opportunities for ITE graduates
  • Name and Profile of proposed speaker (if any)

D) Information Resources

For more information pertaining to full-time courses, part-time courses, skills and capabilities of ITE students and graduates, please click on the following links:

Full-time ITE Courses
Part-time ITE Courses