Strategic Roadmap

ITE Create (2020 - 2024) was launched in 2020 in the midst of changing job and skills demand.  Aptly taglined ‘Skills for Future, Skills for Life’, ITE Create aims to make a difference in the lives of students through the following 4 Goals:

  • Employability Resilience, Future Readiness

  • Lifelong Learning, Workforce Adaptability

  • Smart Learning, Smart Working

  • Agile Capabilities, Responsive Organisation

Our students’ journey with ITE will continue even after they graduate through expanded skills pathways like the Work-Study Diplomas, as well as lifelong skills upgrading via CET courses.  We will help them build their employability resilience and progress in their careers and seize opportunities in the digital economy by equipping them with strong digital skills.

Read more about the 5-year ITE Create Plan that will power us to continue to ‘trail–blaze’ in Career Technical Education and Work-Study Training.